30 years on and every second still counts

F30th Anniversary logoor 30 years, London’s Air Ambulance Charity has been there for everyone who needs it.

And we’re still here, right now.

Today our cause is as clear and compelling as ever; to save the lives of critically-injured people through rapid response and cutting-edge medical care.

Help us to be there for the next 30 years.



The Duke of Cambridge is the Patron of our 30th anniversary campaign.

As a former air ambulance pilot, His Royal Highness will champion those working on the frontline and highlight the importance of our rapid response and cutting-edge medical care.


Our charity was established by a group of committed, determined and pioneering medics. They recognised that seriously injured patients were dying unnecessarily because of the delay in receiving prompt and appropriate medical care. 

They understood that every second counts.


We need your help

Three decades of experience have taught us that a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

We can only continue to save lives with your support.

Your donation today could save the life of a loved one tomorrow.

Thank you

On behalf of our patients, thank you so much to all our supporters - past and present - for helping us save lives. You are all incredible!

Here are some of the lives you've helped to change. 

Alice's story

In June 2020, after meeting friends in Brockwell Park, Alice was cycling back to her house in…

Virginia’s story

On 3 October 2023, 34-year-old Virginia was cycling to her job at the time in the Department for…

Mike Aubrey's story

On a sunny day in April 2023, 57-year-old Mike took off in his two-seater plane on an outing from…

Our Impact

We treat, on average, five people in London every day. They are so seriously injured, they need our team’s expertise on scene.

What happens on a mission

Have you ever wondered what happens high above London when someone in the city needs urgent help from our team?

Our innovations

Your support allows us to innovate, saving lives in London and around the world. Here are some of the clinical firsts you've helped us introduce:

  • First in the UK to take a doctor to the patient's side by helicopter 
  • First survivor of open-heart surgery at the roadside
  • First to use life-saving REBOA procedure at the roadside.
  • First to carry blood on board

Our pioneering spirit continues to drive us to understand what more we can do to save lives.

Saving Time, Saving Lives

On our 30th anniversary, we are launching an appeal to raise £1 million for our charity so that we can save time, and save lives in London.

Get involved

There are many ways to support us. From organising a fundraising picnic with your friends to running a marathon, we have something for everyone.

London, we need you. Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.
Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.