26 May 2023

Dr Yoshimi DeLeon – one of London’s Air Ambulance Charity’s Innovation Circle members – has founded our Helipad Wellbeing Fund, with the aim to protect and safeguard our crew’s mental health.

Dr Yoshimi is a fully qualified doctor with a BSc (Hons) in Neuroscience and Mental Health from Imperial College London and is passionate about our crew’s mental wellbeing.

The project first began in July 2021 and since then has purchased items for the helipad and its staff to protect their mental health when off duty or between callouts.

These items include a Christmas tree with decorations, meals and overnight stays for the crew during Christmas and New Year, regular fresh fruit deliveries, an air fryer and a barbeque. Some of the money was used to purchase a bike rack, which has enabled the crew to cycle to work – an option not viable for all before.

Andy Thomson, London’s Air Ambulance Pilot, said: “Lots of people work incredibly hard to raise money for our charity so we can continue to save lives. We are grateful and humbled by their support.

“Dr Yoshimi has been an amazing advocate for our crew’s mental health and wellbeing. Her support has helped our people be at their best mentally, which means they can be at their best for our patients.”

Dr Yoshimi created the fund to be an ongoing project, with the hope that others will join in her topping up the fund for the future.

She said: “My hope is to raise awareness to safeguard the mental health of the admirable and hard-working crew at London’s Air Ambulance. I hope everyone who is able will support the Helipad Wellbeing Fund.”

Some of the fund was also used on our helipad garden, which provides a safe space for the crew to relax when in between jobs. Maintained by crew and London’s Air Ambulance Charity volunteers, last year, the helipad garden came second in The London Gardens Society’s All London Championship for Patios.

Andy said: “It may seem a small thing, but five minutes for a cup of tea, outside in a nice green space with fresh air and nature, away from a computer screen or clinical environment can make all the difference, especially after a tough trauma case.”

We’re so thankful to Dr Yoshimi for creating the fund and supporting our crew. If you would like to join her in contributing to the Helipad Wellbeing Fund, please donate today.

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London, we need you. Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.
Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.