10 Jun 2024

Infographic showing 152 patients were treated by London's Air Ambulance Charity in April 2024

In April 2024, London’s Air Ambulance’s advanced trauma team attended to 152 critically injured patients in the city.

Our team serves the area within the M25, 24/7, 365 days a year. During this month, Enfield was the most commonly visited borough, followed by Hammersmith and Fulham and Tower Hamlets.

The majority of these patients were injured as a result of assault (31 patients, equaling 20 per cent). Transport-related injuries resulted in 30 patients (20 per cent), falls and medical-related injuries both resulted in 22 patients (14 per cent each) and accidents 11 (seven per cent). Other and unknown injuries also resulted in 36 patients (24 per cent).

These individuals were so injured they did not have time to make it to hospital. Therefore, our crew brought the emergency department to the roadside. Treating these patients in April included administering 23 rapid sequence intubations, 13 blood transfusions, nine femoral arterial lines and four thoracotomies (open chest surgery) on scene. Some of these procedures only we can provide on scene in London.

Once stabilised, the most common practice is for our team to accompany the patient to the nearest major trauma centre in a road ambulance. During this month, 55 patients were taken to The Royal London Hospital (49 per cent), 29 to St Mary’s Hospital (26 per cent), 12 to King’s College (11 per cent) and nine to St George’s (eight per cent). Two patients were flown back to The Royal London – on top of which is London’s Air Ambulance’s helipad base.

Our helicopters help us be there when time is of the essence. But the current models are reaching the end of their lifespan and we need to raise £15 million to replace them by September this year. With only four months left to go, can you help support our charity today?

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London, we need you. Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.
Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.