13th Oct 2016

Fake blood and gore might sound like it belongs on a film set but Bryony uses them to help train those joining London’s Air Ambulance as well as other clinicians interested in pre-hospital care from around the UK and abroad. 

As Education Manager at The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care (The Institute), she is responsible for developing courses to train clinicians in how to treat injury and illness outside of hospital. 

This includes assembling mannequins complete with realistic injuries to create high fidelity trauma scenarios known as moulages.  

Students on The Institute’s courses include experienced clinicians already working in pre-hospital emergency services around the world and medical students who take a year out following their 3rd or 4th year to intercalate and do the iBSc in Pre-Hospital Medicine, a year-long programme delivered by The Institute and Queen Mary University of London. 

Bryony says:”One of the aims of The Institute is to educate the new generation of pre-hospital doctors.”

"Medical students can apply to do this iBSc after their third or fourth year of their medical degree, and this programme really opens their eyes to the field of pre-hospital care and prepares them for the future. We jokingly say that one day they are going to come back and take our jobs.” 

Bryony used to be a professional swimmer before an injury ended her sporting career early. After gaining experience in the banking industry, she started working at Walkabout Foundation before joining London's Air Ambulance. 

”The Institute has a huge potential to grow and it is very exciting to be a part of it. My role is very dynamic and I am always out and about preparing and developing course material, working with the London's Air Ambulance senior clinicians on new projects and building relationships with supporters of The Institute,” says Bryony. 

"I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such a great team.” 

The Institute has now been running the iBSc in Pre-Hospital Medicine with Queen Marry University of London for three years. 

Bryony explains: ”Our first cohort in 2014 had 11 students who set a very high standard with the work and effort they put into the whole year. We partner with Queen Mary University of London to deliver the course and build partnerships with other organisations such as the London Ambulance Service, the London Fire Brigade and RNLI to name just a few.”

"I am proud to say that our students produce such a high standard of work that it is being accepted by international conferences at which they are able to present. We have also had students accepted to complete placements with other world-leading organisations, including NASA.” 

The Institute is kindly supported by the Beaverbrook Foundation who provided the seed funding to start the iBSc and now supports scholarships for two students each year. 

The Institute was originally founded to drive excellence in pre-hospital care standards and practice through research, innovation and education; and by fostering collaboration across medical disciplines and institutions dedicated to improving outcomes for people afflicted by critical injury and illness. 

Bryony explains:"Over the past 12 months we have launched three new courses, based on the world-leading innovations pioneered by London’s Air Ambulance. One of them is a course on REBOA, another we have developed with the help of London Underground and takes the form of a new two day Railway Training Programme and a further one is a course on high performance in sport and medicine delivered to UK Sport.”

"We have candidates on our courses from all around the world further cementing the world-wide reach and our role in leading innovation in the field of pre-hospital medicine.We are working hard to ensure this continues and have plenty more exciting projects on the horizon.” 

"Pre-hospital care has only been recently recognised as a sub-specialty by the General Medical Council and look how far we have come in these last few years. The sky is the limit, and we have so many ideas. It is an honour to be part of it, I am very excited about the future.”