10 Apr 2014

Lindsey is the Head of Events at the charity and in the past has organised boat parties in Latin America, F1 celebrations in Bahrain and music concerts for 15,00 on behalf of international record labels. "Fundraising has to be fun. We have thrill seeking events, banger rallies, golf days... We want people to enjoy getting together and doing something amazing" says Lindsey. 

"Most of us live in our own little bubbles. Despite living in a huge city we fall into the routine of only going to the same places week in week out.  Some Londoners hardly ever leave their own postcode! Fundraising events are a great way to meet like-minded people outside of work and your circle of friends. It’s as much about getting together and doing something fun and exciting, as it is about raising money for a great cause. And you can be sure that the people you meet will be adventurous enough to abseil down a 17 floor hospital or crazily travel to Portugal in an old banger that could break down at any minute,” says Lindsey.

“Our events always have something extra. There are many abseils taking place in London, but only with London’s Air Ambulance will you have the chance to abseil off a rooftop helipad. We are also launching our own road trip this summer with Sucata Rallies. Driving down to Portugal in a car under £250 and being left to your own devices is guaranteed to be a holiday you will never forget. Then for those who prefer more relaxing activities, we have golf days and we also offer places at running and cycling events that are traditionally associated with fundraising.”

“We are trying to make it easy for people to fundraise and make sure that there is something in it for those who might be approached to donate towards our fundraisers’ targets. Literally anything can be a fundraising event. In some other countries, especially in Australia, it is not unusual for someone to stand up in the middle of a birthday party or BBQ, tap the glass and point out the charity pot on the table. Organising a night in for your friends, instead of going out is very popular. All the money everyone would spend for taxis and restaurants then goes to a chosen charity. It is one of the easiest ways to fundraise — you still have fun and get together with your friends, while also helping others.” 

“Fundraising is about doing something amazing with others for others. I realised how important the support is, even for fundraising challenges that seem like a solitary effort, during my own 100km London to Brighton walk for London’s Air Ambulance.  By the 96th kilometre the support buses started looking irresistibly tempting. We wanted to give up when a “cheering group” cropped up out of nowhere and gave us a much needed boost. The idea that we can’t let the people who supported us and donated to London’s Air Ambulance to help us achieve our targets down got us through the final kilometres and we finished.”