Richard sitting in the aircraftRichard Webb-Stevens is a paramedic for both London’s Air AmbuIance and the London Ambulance Service. He’s also a talented and passionate cook who has built up a considerable collection of mouth-watering recipes that he regularly shares with friends, family and colleagues as well as a sizeable following of foodies on Facebook.

As part of London’s Christmas Mission, Richard has kindly offered to share a number of his favourite festive creations for everyone to try this holiday season.

Each week we will feature a new recipe for you to download and make at home.

From scrumptious sourdough panettone (featured below) to Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak and the perfect poached eggs, these recipes will guide you through creating some truly amazing food this Christmas.

no stock pot roast

No Stock Pot Roast

A twist on the classic winter pot roast

Beetroot Falafel in a bap

Easy Beetroot Falafel & Humus Recipe

Turn the humble beetroot into a mouth-watering falafel, accompanied by creamy humus.


Richard’s Festive Sourdough Panettone

Panettone is so versatile: serve as a breakfast or lunch treat with your favourite coffee and if there is any leftover it makes a great bread pudding base.

 Bubble and Squeak

Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak

Turn your left-over vegetables into a delicious mid-morning meal, topped off with beautiful poached egg.

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Not only has Richard supplied these incredible recipes but he is also fundraising for London’s Christmas Mission to help replace the vital income we will lose due to the pandemic.

As someone who has suffered from Covid19 himself, Richard is acutely aware of the impact of this disease.

If you have enjoyed Richard’s creations and want to support his fundraising efforts please visit his virtual bucket collection here and give what you can so we can keep our helicopters flying.

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