Air Ambulance Mission Log

In 2023 our advanced trauma doctors and paramedics treated 2,007 patients across London, travelling to scene either by helicopter or rapid response car. The Mission Map shows where these critically injured patients were treated across the London boroughs.

Explore the map by hovering over a borough and then by clicking on your selection to see how many patients we attended in that area.

Physician Response Unit

We also provide information on our Physician Response Unit (PRU). This is a community emergency medicine service which attends emergency calls in people’s homes.

More information about PRU can be found via the link below:


Key support stats 2023


Patients Treated


- Median Age


46 patients treated

Busiest Postcodes


108 patients treated

Busiest boroughs



1: CR0 (46 patients treated)

2: E1 (33 patients treated)

3: NW1 (33 patients treated)

4: N1 (32 patients treated)

5: SE1 (32 patients treated)

6: NW10 (29 patients treated)

7: E14 (26 patients treated)

8: IG11 (26 patients treated)

9: N4 (26 patients treated)

10: E3 (25 patients treated)


1: Westminster (108 patients treated)

2: Southwark (103 patients treated)

3: Lambeth (99 patients treated) 

4: Camden (98 patients treated)

5: Tower Hamlets (93 patients treated) 

6: Croydon (88 patients treated)

7: Newham (84 patients treated) 

8: Enfield (82 patients treated)

9: Ealing (79 patients treated)

10: Brent (78 patients treated)

London, we need you. Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.
Time is running out to replace your life-saving helicopters.