Looking out of windowSince we were founded in 1989, our charity has grown from just a few pioneers to a wide team of operational crew and fundraising staff.

Whether it’s our pilots, fire crew or charity team, every member of our workforce has a vital part in providing London with our service. Read their bios to find out how they keep us running.   

Dr Tom Hurst

Medical Director

Tom is a consultant in pre-hospital care with London’s Air Ambulance and consultant in intensive care medicine and major trauma at King’s College Hospital. He trained predominantly in Greater Manchester before undertaking a secondment to London’s Air Ambulance in 2008. He was clinical lead at East Anglian Air Ambulance from 2011 to 2014 and is now the sub-speciality lead for training in pre-hospital emergency medicine in London. 

Dr Anna Dobbie

Lead Clinician

Anna is a consultant in emergency medicine at The Royal London Hospital. She remained an emeritus doctor since her year-long secondment to London’s Air Ambulance in 2008, and was appointed a consultant with our service. She developed an interest in pre-hospital medicine whilst at medical school and gained experience in pre-hospital care in Birmingham before coming to work in London.

She has interests in paediatrics and teaching and her time out of work is mainly spent trying to tame two children.

Dr Gareth Davies


Dr Gareth Davies, consultant in emergency medicine, pre-hospital care and emergency preparedness with Barts Health NHS Trust, has over 25 years experience in the air ambulance industry. He joined London’s Air Ambulance as a registrar in 1993 and served as the medical director from 1996 to 2019 and trustee of the charity from 2006 to 2019. He has developed standards in pre-hospital medical care and a number of innovative procedures, including resuscitative thoracotomy (open-chest surgery), and rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia with intubation. Gareth has been the lead consultant at many of London’s major incidents, including the Paddington Rail Disaster and the 7th of July 2005 Bombings. He became a Trustee and Chair of the London’s Air Ambulance Charity in 2006 and is also a director of EMSC, a company formed to provide clinical governance to a number of UK Air Ambulances. He is also honorary consultant at Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance Service and Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service.

Professor David Lockey


David Lockey is a consultant at London's Air Ambulance and is on sabbatical until 2020. David formerly was the lead for research and development and served as a trustee of the Charity from 2005 to 2019. He grew up in London and moved to medical school in Newcastle upon Tyne. After graduation he trained in Newcastle, Nottingham, London and Bristol. He also did his intensive care training in Perth, Australia. He is currently a consultant in intensive care medicine and anaesthesia in Bristol, Clinical Director of Severn Major Trauma Network and national director of EMRTS Cymru.

He was a registrar at London's Air Ambulance in 1997 and 2000 and has been a consultant here since 2001. As a military reserve he has worked in the conflicts in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. He completed an MD (Research) at University College London and has authored around 100 peer reviewed publications and book chapters mostly related to trauma and pre-hospital Care. He is co-editor in chief of one medical journal and on the editorial board of two others. He is Honorary Professor in trauma and pre-hospital emergency medicine at Bristol University, Honorary Clinical Professor at Queen Mary, University of London and Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Stavanger. He is currently Chairman of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Vice and Immediate Past Chairman of the Intercollegiate Board for Training in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. He is also a board member of the Trauma Audit and Research Network.

Dr Anne Weaver


Dr Anne Weaver is a consultant at London’s Air Ambulance. In 2004, she became the first female consultant in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care in the UK. Anne has years of experience in pre-hospital care spanning the UK and Australia. In 2007 she became lead clinician for London’s Air Ambulance and co-founded the first pre-hospital care programme in the UK for medical students. She organises mentoring of the undergraduate medical students by London's Air Ambulance doctors. Anne is an honorary consultant, on call to advise crews from South East air ambulances in moments of uncertainty on scene. Anne is also a (resting) trustee of the London’s Air Ambulance charity.

Dr Anne Weaver led the blood on board initiative that brought pre-hospital blood transfusion from battle fields to civilian medicine in March 2012. Not only was a precedent set in London, Anne also led the development of protocols on efficient blood storage and safe administration of blood transfusion in the pre-hospital environment, making this innovation available to any air ambulance, aspiring to deliver the same standards of care. 

Dr Gareth Grier


Gareth is a consultant with London’s Air Ambulance, and a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital Care at Barts Health NHS Trust/The Royal London Hospital. 

As Clinical Director and Education Lead at The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care at London’s Air Ambulance, Gareth works closely with the clinical leadership of both The Institute and London’s Air Ambulance to define The Institute’s overall medical strategy. He also defines and leads The Institute’s Education strategy. He has published on the use of hi-fidelity scenario training in pre-hospital medical education, and studied medicine at University of Wales College of Medicine.

Dr Claire Park


Dr Claire Park is a consultant in pre-hospital Care with London’s Air Ambulance and in intensive care and anaesthesia at King's College Hospital.

In addition to years of experience with London’s Air Ambulance, Claire has worked with a number of air ambulances in the South of England, has spent time in the US working with both pre-hospital teams and hospital trauma teams at Shock Trauma in Baltimore and has paediatric retrieval experience with the South Thames Retrieval Service.

Claire is an examiner for the Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine for the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) and lectures and examines on advanced pre-hospital care courses.

Dr Ali Sanders


Ali is a consultant with London's Air Ambulance. She is chief of service for emergency medicine at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Ali took on the role of organising the emeritus doctor team following her full time secondment with London’s Air Ambulance in 2008, and continued this role until we switched to our new consultant model in late 2017. Ali is an ex-Olympic rower and has an interest in team performance and human factors.

Dr John Chatterjee


John is an anaesthetic consultant at Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust with an interest in difficult airway and major trauma management. He is also a major incident medical advisor for London Ambulance Service and has worked for air ambulances in Australia, New Zealand and in the UK, as well as BSAICS, motorsport and event medicine. He provides advice to companies involved in pre-hospital care and education. John is a clinical tutor for The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care at London’s Air Ambulance, and is proud to be involved in mentoring the next generation

Dr Chrissie Hymers


Chrissie is an emergency physician who trained and works in London. Prior to working with London’s Air Ambulance, Chrissie has worked for air ambulance services in Sydney, Cambridge and Essex & Herts. She has been heavily involved with the charity, representing them in the Redbull Soapbox and Run the Beat half marathon. She is a keen skier, runner and enjoys travelling.

Dr Sam Sadek


Sam works as a consultant in emergency medicine at The Royal London Hospital and in pre-hospital Care with London's Air Ambulance. He also leads clinical governance at Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, our charity's neighbouring network.

His particular interests include education, innovation and endovascular resuscitation. He led the REBOA project together with others at London's Air Ambulance and aims to work across industries to innovate this and other procedures.

Having flown with many different air ambulances, Sam has found a love for the culture of these close knit teams and a passion for training them to perform in unpredictable and stressful situations.

Out of work Sam loves spending time with his family and occasionally sneaks away to his other great love, the mountains, on his bike or snowboard.

Dr Dom Krzanicki


Dom is a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal Free Hospital in London. He has worked with London's Air Ambulance since 2012 and more widely within pre-hospital care since 2004.

"Working as a doctor with London's Air Ambulance requires you to be at the top of your game. I am extremely proud to be part of a world-leading trauma service which helps so many of my fellow Londoners."

Beyond medicine he spends his time with his wife and two children. He is a (distinctly average) triathlete.

Dr Ben Singer


Alongside his role at London’s Air Ambulance, Ben is a consultant in critical care, ECMO and anaesthetics at Barts Heart Centre, St. Bartholomew's Hospital. In addition, he is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Queen Mary University London, and also flies for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance.

His main clinical interests are major trauma, resuscitation, ECMO and, one day, combining all three. He is passionate about the life-saving potential of future pre-hospital innovations. He also has a strong interest in education and research.

When not at work his main hobbies are his family, cooking and wine- preferably all together.

Dr Robbie Lendrum


Robbie has worked with London’s Air Ambulance since 2012. Alongside his role as a Consultant in Pre-Hospital Care with Bart’s Health, he is also a Consultant in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Critical Care at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

He is passionate about developing, delivering and conducting research into innovative pre-hospital resuscitation strategies and treatments, to improve the outcomes for our patients suffering from major trauma in London, the UK and internationally.

Dr Daniel Nevin


Dr Daniel Nevin is a consultant in anaesthesia and pre-hospital care at The Royal London Hospital. Dan has years of experience working in pre-hospital care in both South Africa, where he originally trained, and in the UK. His special interests include trauma, critical care anaesthesia and helicopter emergency medicine. When not at work, Dan is a Springbok rugby fanatic.

Andrew Wood


I’m a consultant in Anaesthesia and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine having completed anaesthetics training in London and PHEM training in the West Midlands. I am a member of the Trauma Anaesthetic Group based at The Royal London Hospital, where I am Anaesthetic Lead for Trauma Governance. The highlight of working in PHEM are the many opportunities to be involved in teaching, training, and learning alongside a diverse group of inspiring colleagues. Outside of work I love to put on my hiking boots and head for somewhere mountainous. 

Dr Matthew Mak


Matthew is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at The Royal London Hospital. He has previously worked for Air Ambulance Kent Surrey and Sussex full time as a HEMS doctor, then remained on the service as an emeritus doctor. He has interests in medical education and public health. 

Outside of medicine, he enjoys travelling, the theatre and has a love/hate relationship with his Peloton bike.

Dr Laura Kocierz


Dr Abilius Wong


Abilius (AB) is an Emergency Medicine registrar who is currently going through his Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine sub-specialty training with LAA. Prior to joining the service, AB has worked in various roles such as East Anglian Air Ambulance as a clinical fellow, volunteered with Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service and some experiences in event cover and international medical repatriation. 

AB is passionate about medical education, having co-founded the pre-hospital care programme at Hull York Medical School whilst a student there and has since been involved in the ongoing development of the educational initiative. With a background in the military reserves, he has an interest in providing medical care in austere environments and major incidents.  

Having spent most of his teenage years in Surrey and London, AB is excited to reacquaint with the City after working in East Yorkshire for the past 10 years, where he normally works. Outside of medicine, he likes to spend his spare time amateurly fencing (sport, not gardening) and playing football, as well as roaming around the outdoors. 

Dr Matthew Snowsill


Matt is an Emergency Medicine registrar who trains in North London. He has worked both trackside and crowdside in motorsport covering events including British Superbikes and the Welsh stage of the World Rally Championship. Matt also works in the transfer and retrieval of critically ill patients in North East London. 

He also runs a project in the East of England helping to improve the learning and collaboration between hospital and pre-hospital clinicians to improve patient safety and clinical professional development.

Matt has joined London's Air Ambulance Charity to further his interests in resuscitation, trauma, critical care, team performance and pre-hospital care. 

Dave Parr


Dave has worked for the NHS for 14 years, covering various roles within the service and currently teaches undergraduate Paramedics at St George’s Hospital Medical School.

"Being able to work alongside a dedicated team who are passionate about bringing world class trauma care to the city of London is an honour and humbling experience.”

Andrea Riggs

Lead Paramedic

Andrea joined the London Ambulance Service in 2001 and qualified as a Paramedic in 2006. She was first seconded to London's Air Ambulance in 2014, completed a second secondment in 2017, and became our lead paramedic in 2018. 

Chris Doyle


Chris joined the London Ambulance Service in 2003, spending time on operational duties before moving to a management position based at Trust HQ, Waterloo. Chris has a special interest in emergency preparedness and clinical provision at mass crowd events, leading on the London Ambulance Service Medical Response Team, a bespoke team providing critical care in dense crowds and hostile environs in London. Chris is also a Motorcycle Response Unit Paramedic operating in Central London. When not providing a clinical response Chris regularly delivers educational sessions on clinical care, crowd dynamics and crew resource management.

"To qualify as a Flight Paramedic with London’s Air Ambulance has been a life long ambition. Delivering critical care as part of an advanced trauma team is immensely rewarding.”

Lynsey Grant


Lynsey joined the London Ambulance Service in 2002 and has been a paramedic for the last 6 years working primarily in South East London. Lynsey started her secondment with London’s Air Ambulance in September 2013 having always been interested in advanced Pre-hospital Trauma Care. Before becoming a paramedic, Lynsey was a HGV driver and currently holds a licence to race trucks which she hopes to do again soon in the future.

Tony Montebello


Tony joined the London Ambulance Service in 1990. Initially working in Central London, it wasn't long before he transferred to the Croydon Complex where he has remained since. He became a Paramedic in 1994 and has gained further qualifications over the years to enhance his skills.

“Joining the London’s Air Ambulance team is an amazing opportunity. Pre-hospital Care of trauma patients is such a difficult, yet rewarding, challenge on a daily basis. To work for and represent this world leading pre-hospital trauma team is a privilege that I am proud of.”

Jason Morris


Jason Morris joined London Ambulance Service in 1999, where he has progressed from emergency medical technician to paramedic, through to clinical team leader. He completed his first secondment on London's Air Ambulance in 2009. 

While working with London's Air Ambulance he has helped to design the dispatch screens which filter calls to the paramedics working in the London Ambulance Service Emergency Operations Centre. He was involved in the development of the London's Air Ambulance dispatch app, which was a massive team effort involving the London Ambulance Service and EE. The app means that calls deemed suitable for the team are now sent within moments to iPads that are held by the medical team and pilots, to enable tasking to an incident to happen within seconds.

Steve Read


Steve has worked for the London Ambulance Service since 2002 and undertook his first secondment as a paramedic with London’s Air Ambulance in 2012, subsequently continuing to be a part of the Emeritus team.

Steve's time in the Ambulance Service saw him progress from an Emergency Medical Technician through to his current position as a Paramedic Team Leader supporting the Cycle Response team across London. He regularly works on ambulances, cars and bicycles responding to medical emergencies.

Andy Whitehouse


Andy joined the London Ambulance Service in 2013 after training as a Paramedic in the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

He started his career in Deptford and Waterloo working on both Ambulances and Fast Response Units. Andy then moved to the Tactical Response Unit in 2016, until he successfully gained a position with London's Air Ambulance which has been an ambition since starting his training in 2011. 

"I feel immensely proud to be a part of this world renowned team and look forward to coming into work every day and night to help the people of London."

Rachel Peacock


I have been a qualified Paramedic for over 7 years. It is a great privilege for me to be part of London’s Air Ambulance Charity. We are always striving to deliver compassionate and innovative critical care to our patients and bringing the hospital to the road side. Thank you to our amazing volunteers and supporters for enabling us to deliver world class care to our patients. 

Mike Strutt


Mike joined the London Ambulance Service in 2004 and completed his first secondment as a Paramedic with London’s Air Ambulance in 2018. He has worked in a number of different roles within the Ambulance Service and when not on secondment to the charity, he is a Clinical Team Leader at Brent Ambulance Station. 

Outside of work Mike enjoys playing and watching a variety of sports, including captaining his local cricket team Egham Roses. 

“Having the opportunity to work alongside a team of professionals who are passionate about delivering advanced trauma care is certainly the highlight of my career.” 

Michael Fraser


I have been a paramedic for 6 years and have worked on fast response units and motorcycles in East London. Most recently I work as an incident response officer, providing a scene commander role and crew support at incidents across London.

Working for London's Air Ambulance is something I have always strived for since becoming a Paramedic. I love being part of an incredible team totally dedicated to delivering the hospital to the patient. 

Outside of work I have a 1 year old to keep me very busy and wear me out! I love riding my motorcycle when I get a spare minute.

Dan Ballard


Dan is an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner with the London Ambulance Service. He undertook his initial secondment to London’s Air Ambulance in 2012, worked as part of the Emeritus team and now returns as an Experienced HEMS Paramedic. Dan has also worked as a Clinical Team Leader and Training Officer during his career with the London Ambulance Service, which he joined in 2001.

“Working for London’s Air Ambulance has been instrumental in developing my clinical knowledge and skills, equipping me to deliver critical care. The learning opportunity as part of such an innovative team is immense”.

Michael Palmer


Michael originally trained in London at St George's University Hospital; he has spent his career working in many different roles. Previously, with the London Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and the Tactical Response Unit (TRU).

He is no stranger to the service or the charity, helping to raise funds and in 2015 Michael joined the team on the helipad racing against the clock to lift the equivalent weight of the MD902 Explorer helicopter.  In 2018 he was one of the swim team members to complete the first ever London Air Ambulance English Channel crossing raising over £30,000. 

As well as his real interest in helping to bring the hospital to the roadside, supporting the most critically injured patients and the development of that, he has a passion for fitness, human performance and especially in mental toughness and resilience

Vic Brooker


Vic joined the London Ambulance Service in 2001 progressing from Qualified Ambulance Technician to Paramedic in 2005. He has undertaken a variety of roles throughout his time with the LAS, including Clinical Support Advisor and HART Paramedic, all with a focus of delivering care within different situations and environments. 

He works as a Motorcycle Response Unit Paramedic and also enjoys mentoring new frontline staff joining the Ambulance Service. 

‘Working for London’s Air Ambulance has been an ambition for as long as I can remember and I feel privileged to be able to work with an outstanding group of people to be able to deliver Advanced Trauma Care at the Road side to the people of London.’ 


Dr Alex Alexiou

PRU Consultant

Alex initially worked as a fellow on the Physician Response Unit in 2017. He has also completed secondments with both Essex & Herts Air Ambulance and most recently Sydney HEMS. Having trained in North, Central and East London he has also worked in both Emergency Medicine and Intensive care in Sydney, Australia for 2 years. Alex is an Emergency Medicine Consultant at Barts Health NHS Trust and also works at Wembley Stadium for the Football Association as a Senior Medical Officer.

Dr James Webster

PRU Doctor

I have lived in London for the majority of my life and have spent the last seven years working in the area as an Emergency Medicine trainee. I have recently completed my specialty training in Emergency Medicine and wanted to take these skills into the community. I am immensely proud to work alongside other motivated individuals who are passionate about driving the service forward. I find our oncology referrals especially rewarding as it allows vulnerable patients to be managed safely at home or admitted directly to an inpatient oncology bed if needed. I am interested in the interface between community and hospital services and am working on ways these can be improved and developed over my fellowship.

Away from work I spend time exploring the countryside, visiting art galleries, playing and watching rugby. I have recently taken up film photography and am currently learning how to develop and process photographs at home. These hobbies give me a sense of accomplishment and help me unwind at the end of the day. 

Ben Taggart-Ryan


I have been working for the London Ambulance Service since 2017, always in East London being based at Homerton. I'm excited to be working for the PRU and to be part of a team which makes a real difference to our local communities.

Justin Garrett

PRU Doctor

I am an Emergency Medicine doctor having recently completed my specialist training in Scotland. I have an interest in pre-hospital medicine having previously worked as an air ambulance doctor in the East of England.

I moved to London to work for the Physician Response Unit as I believe in the benefits of bringing the Emergency Department to the patient and providing emergency care in their own environment.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my wife and two young daughters, and I am also a keen scuba diver and diving instructor.

Mathew Alex

PRU Doctor

Having moved to the UK after completing my medical education and core emergency medicine training in India, I went on to complete my higher specialist training in emergency medicine in South West London which included sub-speciality training in paediatric emergency medicine. After my training, my interest in pre-hospital critical care encouraged me to work with the South Thames Retrieval Service for children for a year. This included both working in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and retrieving critically unwell children from hospitals in the South East of England to specialist hospitals.

I am passionate in delivering high quality care to patients and working on the Physician Response Unit will enable me to do this in the comfort of the patient’s home surrounded by family and friends. The speciality of Community Emergency Medicine is new and evolving and it is a privilege to be a part of this team delivering emergency care to patients where they need it the most.

My interests include medical education, research and pre-hospital care. I continue to work as a medic at major sporting events including being a club doctor with BEMSEE, the London Marathon and as a stadium medic.

Mark Thorburn

PRU Nurse

Mark is an emergency care nurse and advanced clinical practitioner within the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service (QARNNS). Building on the fantastic cohort of PRU nurses, Mark is the first to pilot a collaboration between London Air Ambulance Physicians Response Unit (PRU) and Defence Nursing.

“It is a real privilege to join the PRU and wider LAA team. As a pioneer of Community Emergency Medicine (CEM), the innovative and team based approach to delivering exemplary CEM across East London has been inspiring. Witnessing the impact of care delivery to each of our patients has been hugely rewarding, and I hope to take the lessons I’ve learned back into my deployed role to improve outcomes for future military patients”.

Peter McColm


“I joined the ambulance service in 2019. I am fortunate to have secured a secondment with the PRU where I aim to further develop my knowledge and understanding whilst growing my experience and skill sets in all aspects of pre-hospital care with the highest standards. This in turn will help me deliver the best care to patients first and foremost, in addition to coach and support current and future generations of pre-hospital clinicians. Where better to achieve this than alongside some of the best and most passionate clinicians in the country?”

Kayleigh Ward


I joined the London Ambulance Service in 2018 onto the TEAC apprenticeship programme and have worked in Croydon since completing my training.

I come from a background of high ropes and outdoor activities with an interest in rock climbing and swimming in my spare time.

I've joined the PRU to empower patients to champion their own treatment and bring the care they need to their home or in a local setting.

I see this as an exciting opportunity to explore a new area of London, help alleviate some of the pressure on hospitals and to educate patients and their families on alternative means of care.

Dr Salman Naeem

PRU Fellow

Salman is a higher specialty trainee in emergency medicine in KSS and is currently doing his fellowship year with the Physician response unit at London's Air Ambulance. He has been involved in pre-hospital care in various roles and race track doctor and event doctor.

Salman is passionate about pre-hospital medicine, research, medical education and PoCUS. As he did his training in Pakistan, Salman is involved in the teaching and training of doctors back home and in the UK. He teaches PoCUS to medical students and to his peers at various platforms. He has also been involved in research in emergency medicine and pre-hospital medicine with a few publications and chapters to his name.

It is a privilege for him to work with PRU being able to deliver patient-centered emergency care in the community. Outside of medicine, he loves landscape photography and spending time with his son.

Rob Lumsden


“I joined the ambulance service in Essex in 2012 before moving to London Ambulance Service in 2017. I joined the PRU team to have the opportunity to work within a patient focused team who are pioneering community emergency medicine. I have worked in a variety of roles across the service most recently having undertaken a secondment as a mentor at the operational placement centre. I enjoy my role as a practice placement educator and am continuing my own development by undertaking a BSc in Paramedic Science.”

Hannah Smith


"I joined the London Ambulance Service in 2018, after having a career change from being a veterinary nurse. I feel very lucky and grateful to have been seconded to the PRU to further develop my knowledge and experience in my career. Outside of work I enjoy travelling, films and spending quality time with family and friends."


Lawrie Greenfield

PRU Doctor

Lawrie is an Emergency Medicine Registrar with a background working in event medicine. His passion is medical education for professionals, students, young people and the general public. 

James Moloney

PRU Doctor

James has completed his Emergency Medicine training in North East London, having worked previously in Sydney and Sunderland and is now looking forward to taking the Emergency Department to the patient with the Physician Response Unit.

"Joining London's Air Ambulance world renowned service and advancing the new Community Emergency Medicine focus of the PRU is an exciting challenge to take me out of the A&E department and into the pre-hospital arena for the first time. Learning from the years of cumulative experience within the service and adding my own perspective we can continue to deliver exceptional outcomes for our patients."

Dr Tony Joy

Clinical Lead PRU

Tony qualified in medicine from the University of Sheffield in 2004, shortly after which he volunteered as a doctor providing immediate disaster relief in Sri Lanka following the Boxing Day tsunami. His interest in trauma and emergency care developed, and he gained training in a variety of key trauma-related specialties at The Royal London Hospital including neurosurgery, vascular surgery and orthopaedic surgery before undertaking specialist Emergency Medicine training. In 2011/12 he was a Darzi Fellow in Clinical Leadership, and is particularly interested in human factors relating to clinical performance, team-work and patient safety. He is also passionate about health equality, illness and injury prevention, and improving the processes by which emergency healthcare is delivered.

Tony led the remodelling of our charity's Physician Response Unit, delivered in partnership with Barts Health and London Ambulance Service, in 2017. Tony now leads the service to deliver the emergency department to the patient.

‘Working for London’s Air Ambulance has been an ambition for many years, and I feel privileged to work with such an inspirational group of people in such a high-performing service’.

Bill Leaning

PRU Clinical Manager

Bill is responsible for managing our charity’s Physician Response Unit team, having begun his time with the service as a paramedic.

Dr David Whittington

PRU Consultant

Dr David Whittington is a GP-consultant in emergency medicine at The Royal London Hospital, part of Barts Health NHS Trust. Qualifying as a doctor in 1983, he has been a local GP since 1988 and a GP-consultant since 2001. Dr Whittington is now medical director of Harold Wood Polyclinic in Romford and he specialises in urgent care and the interface between general practice and emergency medicine. His interests include walking, music, gardening. His family forgive him for loving his job.

Dr Adam Woodgate

PRU Consultant

Adam completed basic surgical training as a junior doctor, then higher training in emergency medicine working in many North East London and Essex hospitals. For the last five years he has been a consultant in emergency medicine at The Royal London Hospital, a role which involves being the duty trauma team leader for the North East London and Essex Trauma Network. His interests in the emergency department include violence reduction projects and issues relating to major trauma in the elderly – two areas which relate well to the challenges of the pre-hospital environment. 

Dr Sophie Mitchinson

PRU Consultant

Sophie is an emergency medicine physician from London who is now a Consultant on our Physician Response Unit. In addition to pre-hospital medicine and trauma care, she has a keen interest in teaching, particularly simulation training, having spent a year as a simulation fellow in the emergency department at St George's Hospital, London. Sophie has previously flown with London’s Air Ambulance as an emergency medicine physician and worked on the Physician Response Unit in 2017-2018.

Alongside medicine, Sophie has an interest in endurance events and completed a solo swim across the English Channel in 2005.

Jamie Scott

PRU Doctor

Jamie is a registrar in emergency medicine, he spent 18 months working on novel models of care with a group of clinicians, and is currently in Year 3 of the Resuscitation MSc at Queen Mary University of London.

Jamie was destined to be a GP but fell in love with emergency medicine in Australia where he practiced for 3 years.

He loves running and cycling, really anything he can turn into a competition and settle things with a beer after!

Dr Richard Muswell

PRU Doctor

Richard is an Emergency Medicine Registrar working in North East London with strong interests in Pre-hospital and Paediatric Emergency Medicine. He is passionate about delivering excellent holistic care and enjoys the challenge of doing that in the patient's own home.

Outside of medicine, he is a keen Modern Jive dancer.

Dr Amar Mashru

PRU Doctor

I am now coming towards the end of my training in Emergency Medicine and subspecialty training in Prehospital Emergency Medicine and it feels like the perfect time to be working on the Physician Response Unit. The opportunity to provide care to patients in the community, in their own environment, and working together with their friends, families and carers to best help them receive the support that they need is fantastic. It’s great to work with such a fantastic team supporting the local health service - I hope I can do the service proud!

Dr Shal Kanagaratnam

PRU Doctor

Shal is a Physician Response Unit Fellow and Emergency Medicine Registrar based in London. During training, she has worked as a medical writer for Edelman Communications and with a group of practicing clinicians and data analysts to perform workforce modelling and clinical transformation using a ‘big data’ approach. This work, with support from HEE, subsequently formed the basis for a national training programme where Shal worked as a course developer and member of faculty.

Shal appreciates the significant impact system inefficiencies can have on patient care and staff experience. She is particularly passionate about improving staff retention within acute and emergency services and believes this is possible by developing and empowering the NHS workforce and harnessing their unique insights into frontline work to drive patient-centred change. Shal also has a keen interest in global health, with experience working in Ghana and Sri Lanka, and has recently completed an MSc in Global Health and Infectious Diseases at the University of Edinburgh.

"I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from our pre-hospital colleagues and to acquire a skillset that will enrich my Emergency Medicine training and enable me to be a valuable asset to the NHS, its continued improvement and, most importantly, its patients," Shal says of her time with our Physician Response Unit. 

Husna Ahmed

PRU Administrator

Husna began working in Barts Health NHS Trust after graduating in business management from the University of Westminster in 2016. She has worked in various departments within the trust such as pathology, health records and cancer pathways, where she gained excellent administrative and organisational skills before joining the emergency department. She worked as A&E medical coordinator in The Royal London Hospital before becoming our PRU administrator. 

Husna is responsible for supporting the team with administrative duties and helps to enable the smooth running of the service. She oversees the activity data, induction packs, training schedules, rotas and minute taking to ensure ensure the highest standard of office organisation is maintained at all times.

Jonathan Jenkins


After a distinguished career in the city, Jonathan comes to London’s Air Ambulance from Social Investment Business, where he dealt with charity and social enterprise investment as the company’s CEO.  He has a lifelong commitment to charity work, and has served as trustee for a number of third sector organisations. In his spare time he has also managed to run 12 London Marathons and the 2016 & 2018 Marathon des Sables, raising vital funds for London’s Air Ambulance in the process.

Jonathan lives in West London with his wife Heidi, a headteacher, and their two young children, Maggie and Lottie.  He is a lifelong Spurs supporter.  

Charles Newitt

Deputy CEO & Chief Operating Officer

Charles joined London’s Air Ambulance at the beginning of August 2014 as the charity’s first Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for aviation, helipad operations, finance & HR. He is the charity’s Air Operations Certificate (AOC) Accountable Manager and it is in this capacity that Charles assumes responsibility for all aspects of our aviation function, ensuring our compliance with the UK and European regulatory frameworks.

Colonel Charles, as he was formerly known, held various senior positions during his time with the British Army including Chief of Staff at the NATO Training Mission in Iraq where he directed a team of 250 multi-national personnel. Towards the end of his military career he was heavily involved in the operational delivery of Army training and developing Aldershot Garrison’s strategy and planning to meet the Army’s restructuring programme. 

Deployed to help London’s Air Ambulance to pursue its strategic goals, Charles’ experience of inspiring and motivating mixed teams is a huge asset to the charity.

Richard Lewy

Manager of the CEO's Office

Richard is responsible for managing the CEO's office and providing organisational and workload management support to the directors. He also provides the administration resource for the Board and is the primary contact for business systems and office facility issues across the office.

Jackie Clifton

Receptionist and Office Coordinator

Jackie is responsible for manning the incoming calls at the reception desk, dealing with queries and other office admin. 

Jackie previously worked in a secretarial role for Rush Green Hospital and on the Arcus Facilities Management helpdesk.

Mark Vickers

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Mark has been a supporter of the Charity for over 20 years. He was appointed is a trustee in 2013 and became Chairman of the board in 2014. He worked in the City for nearly 40 years as a partner in an international law firm, specialising in banking and finance law.

In addition to his passion for the Charity, his interests include flying helicopters (he got his private pilot's license in 2003), owning and driving a 10 ton Saracen armoured personnel carrier, and photography.

Mark is married with two grown-up daughters, one of whom is a nurse in emergency medicine.

Sam Walker

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Sam is Head of the Chairman’s Office at Aberdeen Standard Investments, where she is responsible for the strategic management of the Chairman’s activities.

Sam joined ASI as a result of the merger between Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life in August 2017. She joined Aberdeen in 2002 as its first Head of Public Affairs, leading on government relations, industry engagement and policy. Prior to joining AAM, Sam was a director in a leading government relations firm, specialising in financial services M&A and regulation. Sam began her career at Westminster as a speech writer and advisor, working on a range of portfolios at ministerial, select committee and constituency level.

A history graduate from King's College London, Sam is Deputy Chairman of London’s Air Ambulance Charity and co-founder and director of the Aberdeen Standard Investments Charitable Foundation.

Will Walden


Will has developed messaging and communications for some of the biggest names in media, politics and business. He began his career as a journalist, reporting for GMTV, Granada, ITN and the BBC, and worked on both News At Ten and the Nine O'Clock News. He spent more than a decade covering UK and US politics for the BBC in a variety of senior roles, including Chief Political Producer, Deputy Bureau Chief in North America, and Westminster News Editor. As a political advisor at City Hall, the Foreign Office and 10 Downing Street, he helped shape the public profile of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, first as Johnson's Director of Communications and official spokesman, and latterly as his Chief Counsel.

He is currently Executive Director of strategic communications at Edelman - one of the world's leading PR firms - where he advises business leaders on media engagement, political campaigning, crisis and international relations.

Will joined London's Air Ambulance Charity as a Trustee in 2016. He comes from a medical family - his brother is a GP, his sister-in-law is a consultant, his cousin is a surgeon and his aunt is a retired nurse. Will is a keen amateur artist, average cricketer and rusty golfer. He grew up in Guernsey, and lives in West London with his wife and four children. 

Adrian Walker


Adrian is the Group Investment Management Director at Lloyds Banking Group and comes to London’s Air Ambulance with over 30 years’ experience spanning retail, corporate and investment banking activities. Adrian likes spending time with his family, going for long walks in the countryside and cooking Sunday roasts. He also loves skiing and watching a variety of sports.

Bob Forsyth


Bob describes himself as an Aberdonian, Trinidadian born, Arsenal supporting water skier and accountant.  Bob’s career with Ernst & Young has been an unusual one (for an accountant), with Bob leading change programmes in sales, major account programmes and marketing. At the moment he is also leading the audit quality programme for his firm. Bob has spent more than 20 years as a partner of Ernst & Young, helping clients like Lotus, Sony and Greene King improve their governance and control. His passion is slalom water-skiing, but he spends a lot of time keeping fit with Parkruns, tennis and playing cricket. His wife is a consultant anaesthetist at the Royal Free and between them they have three children now evenly distributed across the world.

Ed Owen


Ed works as the Head of Communications for Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service. In this role, he supports the modernisation of our justice system and an ambitious reforms programme with first-class communications. Previously, Ed was Chief Executive of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, one of the UK’s leading medical research charities. Under his leadership, the Trust implemented a new research strategy and established plans for a national clinical trials platform in cystic fibrosis. Between 1997 and 2005 Ed was a government adviser in the Home Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Outside of work Ed’s interests are politics, travel and Manchester City.

Gemma Sherrington


Gemma is a member of the Executive Board at Save the Children UK, leading fundraising and marketing teams responsible for engaging the Charity’s supporters who generously give their time, money and voice to support the UK’s most vulnerable children. Gemma has over 15 years of fundraising and marketing experience, previously working for NSPCC, Cardinal Hume Centre and WaterAid.

Brigadier Tim Hodgetts


Tim is an emergency physician with over 35 years of military experience and has treated victims of conflict in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Specialising in military emergency medicine and pre-hospital care, Tim has published extensively and designed curricula for both military and civilian audiences in pre-hospital care, trauma and disaster medicine. He is also a Commissioner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea and co-Founder of the registered charity citizenAID.

Dr Margot Gosney


Margot is a Geriatrician also trained in Medical Oncology. She was appointed Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool in 1992 and Professor of Elderly Care Medicine University of Reading and Honorary Consultant in Elderly Care Medicine at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust in 2003. Margot has set up and run a a Comprehensive Care for Older People with Cancer service in Berkshire and has advised the Department of Health and Macmillan Cancer Care on the management of older people with cancer. She also researches barriers to good nutrition and strategies to improve this with a particular focus on hospitalised individuals at most risk of the results of suboptimal nutrition.

James Thomas


James is Chief Technology Officer for Wellcome, an independent health research foundation, where he is responsible for leadership of technology and digital services. James is on the Industrial Advisory Board for the School of Computing and Communications at the Open University, and is also executive sponsor for the Data for Science and Health Priority area, a programme seeking to ensure everyone can benefit from health data innovation. Prior to working at Wellcome, James had an extensive career in the private and public sectors including technology leadership roles in the NHS.

Neil Jeffers

Chief Pilot

Captain Neil Jeffers is chief pilot at London’s Air Ambulance. He has flown over 7,000 hours since he started flying in 1997 and has a 5,000-hour track record in instructing and examining. Before he joined the service in 2005, Neil worked in a number of areas including commercial air transport and aerial filming. Neil is an experienced crew resource management instructor. He is a certified first responder and has been a volunteer emergency responder with London Ambulance Service for two years. Neil ran eight marathons in six days through the deserts of Jordan and completed the 2018 Marathon des Sables to raise money and awareness for London’s Air Ambulance.

Johnny Crewdson


When not flying for our charity, Captain Johnny Crewdson lives just south of Bordeux in France. His hobbies include skydiving, drums and curry (although not all at the same time).

Andy Thomson


Captain Andy Thomson started his career in the Royal Navy. Since leaving in 2004, he has worked in San Francisco as a flight instructor as well as with the police and news crews. Before joining London's Air Ambulance, he spent five years flying to oil rigs and boats in the North Sea for Bristow Helicopters.

Pete Driver


Captain Pete Driver joined London's Air Ambulance having previously spent seven years working as an air ambulance pilot outside of London. Previously, Pete flew as an instructor, commercial and corporate helicopter pilot and an airline pilot on Boeing 737 jets. 

"I leave behind the open countryside of the counties and get ready for the challenge of London," says Pete. 

James Hamilton


Captain James Hamilton joins the team with 20 years of aviation experience. Flying helicopters is his passion and working for London’s Air Ambulance is the absolute pinnacle of his career. What he loves most about the job is reading the heartfelt letters and cards the charity receives from the people who have needed help. 

In his spare time Captain James manages the day to day survival of a squad of small humans and occasionally dreams about his old hobbies and social life.

John Power

Chief Fire Office

As Chief Fire Officer, John is responsible for fire prevention and safety at the helipad. John has worked in aviation since 1989 and holds a fixed wing private pilot’s licence and a hot air balloon private pilot’s licence. John was a member of the Air Training Corps (ATC) 16F Wood Green and Hornsey until the age of 18, which helped him to get his foot in the door of the aviation business. He enjoys working within such a close knit team and finds meeting ex-patients and their families very rewarding.

Chris Sutton

Fire Crew

Chris is a member of our charity’s fire crew, who are responsible for fire prevention, safety and running the operations room at our helipad.

Stuart Whitford

Fire Crew

Stuart is a member of our charity’s fire crew, who are responsible for fire prevention, safety and running the operations room at our helipad.

Michael Horton

Fire Crew

Michael cycles 14 miles, not including the train ride, to get to work each day. He is also a volunteer fire fighter at The Shuttleworth Collection and Yorkshire Air Museum, providing fire cover for air shows and other events.

Mark Drewitt

Fire Crew

Mark joined London's Air Ambulance in January 2018, having previously worked as an aviation firefighter (later crew commander) at London Biggin Hill Airport for nine years. Mark has also served as a retained firefighter/crew commander with Kent Fire & Rescue Service for 12 years. Prior to this, he trained as an electronics engineer and is a qualified domestic electrician. In his spare time, Mark enjoys martial arts, motor sport and music. 

Christine Henry

Senior Technical Healthcare Business Analyst

Christine Henry, PhD is the Senior Technical Healthcare Business Analyst with the London’s Air Ambulance Clinical Operations team. She is project lead on Digital Transformation projects which include moving to digital patient records and equipment checks, and improving data use for the charity’s clinical and operations goals.

Christine has a background in data analysis, product management and data ethics across the charity and healthcare sectors.

Paul Smith

Helipad and Driving Standards Manager

Helipad & Driving Standards Manager Paul Smith is responsible for the secure running and development of our charity's helipad, and for managing our fleet of rapid response vehicles.

Paul began his time with our service as an aviation firefighter and funded his own training to become our fleet manager when we first began using rapid response cars in 1999. Paul introduced London's Air Ambulance's own driving licence system and policies. He is responsible for ensuring that all the blue light driving is checked every day to make sure that we drive to our exemptions, and the navigation is also checked on a daily basis. 

As one of the most qualified blue light driving instructors in the UK, Paul has single-handedly trained every paramedic that has worked for our service in the last 20 years. He also trains our doctors in night-time navigation, and other doctors and paramedics from services across the UK. In 2014, Paul added aviation security manager to his list of responsibilities, coordinating the maintenance and development issues that come with a helipad atop the UK's busiest major trauma centre

Liz Foster

Patient Development Nurse

Liz maintains the pre-hospital trauma registry and is responsible for data analysis, which includes activity figures and submission of financial data. Liz also co-ordinates audit and research projects. Previously, Liz worked in accident & emergency, paediatrics, orthopaedics and as an in-flight nurse. She is both a registered general and children’s nurse with speciality courses in emergency nursing, autonomous practice and in-flight nursing.

Demi Walsh

HEMS Administration Officer

Demi joined London’s Air Ambulance in January 2019 as HEMS Administration Officer, working closely with and assisting the Helipad & Driver Standards Manager in ensuring the smooth running of the helipad, while also providing necessary administrative support to the operational and clinical teams as necessary.

Louise Robertshaw

Director of Fundraising and Marketing

After a high-profile career as a national newspaper journalist, Louise is passionate about helping charities and not-for profit organisations to tell their stories. Louise joined London's Air Ambulance in 2018 to lead the service's newly combined marketing and communications function, focusing on strategy and helping our charity to achieve its goals over the next three years.

She joined London's Air Ambulance from Guide Dogs, where she increased public awareness and engagement with the charity through her leadership of its marketing communications. She led on key initiatives such as securing a national TV documentary and a partnership with ITV This Morning.

Louise is married to Martin and has two young children, Freddie and Joe.

Anne Weatherill

Deputy Director of Fundraising and Marketing

Anne is responsible for managing income from individual supporters of London’s Air Ambulance Charity. She looks after the strategy and development of our individual giving programme which includes our successful lottery and regular giving programmes, our legacy fundraising programme and is also responsible for developing new income streams for the charity. She has over 15 years’ experience of charity fundraising, having worked at both Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and Marie Curie for a number of years.

Hayley Rainey

Head of Community Engagement

Hayley is responsible for managing income from individuals and groups fundraising for London’s Air Ambulance Charity in their local communities. She manages the development of our Community Fundraising and Volunteering strategy and also oversees the London’s Air Ambulance Charity Shop at the Royal London Hospital and our Learning and Outreach programme. Hayley joined London’s Air Ambulance Charity in 2013 to develop our Volunteer programme after working in fundraising and programme delivery at The Prince’s Trust and homelessness charity, Crisis, where she led on a grants programme.

Lucy Brooks

Head of Corporate Development

Lucy is responsible for managing income from our corporate supporters. Lucy manages some of the charity’s high-profile corporate partnerships as well as strategically developing new business opportunities. Along with the rest of the corporate team she works to effectively support our charity of the year partnerships, strategic partners, corporate events and sponsors. With a degree in marketing Lucy, has over eight years’ experience working in the charity sector, with a background which includes large corporate partnerships, event management and communications.

Suzanne Smith

New Business Lead

Suzanne is responsible for developing new corporate business opportunities in the philanthropy, partnerships and events team. She grows commercial and strategic opportunities and plays an instrumental role in supporting charity of the year partnerships. Before joining London’s Air Ambulance, Suzanne had over nine years’ previous experience as a senior solicitor at a leading regional firm. 

Caroline Totterdill

Senior Advisor - Philanthropy & Partnerships

Caroline joined London's Air Ambulance Charity in May 2021 as the Senior Advisor, Philanthropy & Partnerships, leading the Philanthropy and Partnerships teams raising funds from major donors, charitable trusts and companies. Caroline has worked in the non-profit sector for over 20 years, in both charities and higher education, specialising in high value fundraising from individuals, trusts and companies. She has led successful teams working across philanthropy and corporate partnerships at the British Heart Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support and has worked on sector leading appeals such as the NSPCC’s Full Stop Campaign and UCL’s Advancing London’s Global University – the Campaign for UCL.

Ana Rodrigues

Senior Marketing Analysis Officer

Ana joined the charity in February 2017, having started at London’s Air Ambulance as a volunteer in 2016. Ana has worked in the database team being responsible for all data related queries, and the finance team working within accounts receivable processing all income for the charity. Combining logic and data analysis, Ana now uses her expertise to provide insight to the charity, helping it to better understand its supporters, improve its DM campaigns and unlock new opportunities.

Tanya Moss

Senior Philanthropy Lead (Trusts & Statutory)

Tanya is responsible for managing the charity’s relationships with trusts, foundations and the City Livery Companies. She identifies partnership opportunities and grows income in support of London’s Air Ambulance’s core services, essential medical kit, and to launch innovative projects to help improve the lives of severely injured patients. Before joining the charity in 2014, Tanya worked at a global insurance broker in the City. 

Caroline Gellatly

Senior Philanthropy Lead (Major Donors)

Caroline manages philanthropic giving at London’s Air Ambulance, working with individual supporters to fund our life-saving services and medical research. She began her fundraising career in academic development, going on to manage major gifts programmes at Prostate Cancer UK and London Business School.

Philippa Ibe

Philanthropy Coordinator

Philippa is passionate about supporting the development of cause-driven financially sustainable organisations. She has a keen interest in health and education. She actively engages this passion in her current role as a Philanthropy Coordinator. In this role, she performs prospect research, cultivation and stewardship of donors.

She brings a diverse skill and experience mix to London's Air Ambulance Charity. She chose to turn her focus to impact beyond the bottom line, after a solid multi-sector experience as a qualified Management Accountant. Her work in the charity sector started in a local Oxfam shop at 16. Most recently, she enrolled a team in order to design and deliver educational content through a funded British Council Active Citizens programme, whereby she went on to secure a guest spot on BBC Three Counties radio. At Every Parent and Child, she supported them with their digital communications and fundraising activities.

She enjoys socialising around food, dancing, and creating through visual and written mediums of communication. She is currently working towards spoken fluency in the French language.

Jessica Hazelton

Major Donor Manager

Jess works with individual supporters to fund London’s Air Ambulance’s life-saving services and medical research. Jess also manages the Innovation Circle: a group of passionate individuals, family foundations and trusts who support the Charity with an annual gift of £5,000. She began her fundraising career in the arts, raising money for some of the world’s leading conservatoires.

Heather Carroll

Volunteer Development Manager

Heather is responsible for the strategic development and management of the volunteer programme at London's Air Ambulance Charity. She joined the organisation in October 2021, having previously worked at the British Heart Foundation developing and growing the Community Fundraising Groups and Volunteers programme there for 3 and a half years.

Before that, she worked with student volunteers at both Kingston University and London School of Economics Students’ Union, and also volunteered for Raleigh International in Malaysian Borneo, managing younger volunteers out on remote projects. She is a keen backpacker and loves exploring new places and cultures and meeting new people.

In her spare time, you can often find Heather hiking and exploring the outdoors, admiring other people’s dogs (until she can get her own), playing or watching sport, or having a natter over a cuppa and slice of cake!

Ghadeer Abu Shawareb

Corporate Development Officer

Ghadeer joined us after completing her postgraduate studies at Oxford Brookes University specialising in Corporate Social Responsibility. She manages key accounts for some of our corporate supporters, helping with employee engagement and supporting corporate events. She previously held a similar role at a local Children’s Museum. Ghadeer has an active interest in the Social Return on Investment discipline. When she has some spare time from taking care of her son, she is found working on her next painting.

Sacha Tremain

Prospect Researcher

Sacha joined the charity in February 2021 as Prospect Researcher and is responsible for identifying new opportunities to raise funds across all income streams. Prior to joining the team, she spent 15 years as the Research Manager for the National Trust, during which time she was also involved in database management, reporting and analysis, data protection and due diligence. Sacha is an active advocate for fundraising and prospect research and was previously the Chair of the Researchers in Fundraising group and is currently volunteering for the best practice guidebook and also serves as a committee member for PyroTalks CIC.

Sacha is passionate about ensuring charities are efficient, innovative and engage their supporters in ways that interest and excite them, putting supporters at the heart of what we do. Before she worked in fundraising, Sacha was frontline helpline worker for the National Domestic Violence Helpline and a Senior Publishing Administrator for the Institute of Physics Publishing.

Outside of work, Sacha has many interests, including bellydance, playing the piano, drumming, poetry, rescue basset hounds, walking in nature and entertaining a 3 year-old daughter. She currently lives just outside Bristol, having moved here to study history, but originally hails from North London/Herts and still has family in the area.

Ian Mitchell

Marketing Analysis Manager

Ian’s job is to help our Fundraising and Marketing teams to better understand our supporters and our marketing activities, so that we offer the best possible experience to every supporter. Having spent 24 successful years in the corporate world using data to help big companies grow, he joined us in 2020 with the ambition to use data to help our charity grow.

At last count, Ian has one wife, two kids, four cats, and has run six marathons.

Hannah Mason

Senior Direct Marketing Manager

Hannah joined London’s Air Ambulance in 2019, having previously worked at Alzheimer’s Research UK and Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. She’s passionate about all things marketing and fundraising and is responsible for managing a number of our regular giving programmes including DRTV, digital, raffle and is also responsible for implementing a new journey for our fantastic supporters.

Lydia Raine

Direct Marketing Officer (Appeals)

Jake Glenn

Direct Marketing Manager (Face to Face)

Jake is responsible for managing all our face-to-face fundraising activities. His role focusses on the acquisition of Lottery Players and Regular Donors through Door-to-Door, Private Site and Street fundraising. Jake works closely with our agency partners to ensure we’re effectively recruiting new supporters while ensuring our supporters have a positive on boarding experience. Through campaign monitoring and performance analysis we’re continually looking for ways to fundraise more efficiently.

"I believe face-to-face fundraisers are some of the most passionate and inspiring people on earth! By providing our fundraisers with the correct information, advice and, support I give them all the tools they need to inspire people to join our mission to save more lives in London and raise long term financial support for London’s Air Ambulance Charity."

Eddy Francis

Direct Marketing Coordinator (Face to Face)

Eddy helps manage the Face to Face fundraising department of London's Air Ambulance Charity. This involves working with the agency partners that the charity uses to bring in regular donors. These donors are signed up either through Direct Debits or as Lottery players. He spends much of his time helping improve fundraiser compliance and quality, as well as improving internal processes. He comes from Marie Curie, where he spent five years in a similar role. Before this, he worked as a manager of a homeless day centre.

Eddy is a keen cricketer and bowls left arm leggies.

Matt Smith

Senior Supporter Engagement Manager

Matt joined London’s Air Ambulance in July 2018 as our legacy manager. He is a passionate advocate of gifts in wills fundraising, having previously worked for RNIB and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Outside of work Matt plays the Ukulele, sings and can often be found at the opera.

Sarah Bishop

Supporter Engagement Officer

Sarah joined London’s Air Ambulance in September 2018 as a member of the individual giving team. As a Supporter Engagement Officer, Sarah helps supporters with any queries in relation to the charity's lottery and the regular giving programmes, with the aim of keeping the supporter’s journey as positive as possible. 

Sarah has a degree in speech and language science from the University of Sheffield and, before joining the charity, had the opportunity to work with developing small businesses in Kenya. 

Sanam Khan

Supporter Engagement Officer

Sanam joined London’s Air Ambulance in January 2018 as a member of the charity’s individual giving team. As a Supporter Engagement Officer, Sanam helps our supporters with any queries, but particularly those relating to our charity lottery and regular giving programme.

Sanam holds a Master’s degree in international politics from City University London and is a self-confessed foodie.

Jennifer Woolford

Fundraising Compliance Specialist

Jennifer Woolford is responsible for ensuring that our fundraising is undertaken while compliant with the Fundraising Regulator, Charity Commission, PECR, ICO and many more.

Having worked in compliance for over 20 years, Jennifer brings experience from a variety of sectors and organisations including TalkTalk, Care UK, Sue Ryder, St Mungo’s to name but a few. Working closely with London’s Air Ambulance Charity individual giving team, Jennifer is here to ensure that our fundraising compliance mirrors the super compliance of our operational teams.

Danielle Wing

Fundraising Compliance and Training Officer

Dani joined London’s Air Ambulance Charity in December 2018 as part of the Individual Giving Team. As Fundraising Compliance and Training Officer, she designs, develops and delivers our fundraiser training programmes and ensures best practice through agency training reviews and fundraiser performance assessments.

Dani holds a degree in Philosophy from University of East Anglia and previously worked as a Community Fundraising Intern for Barts Charity.

Will Burton

Fundraising Compliance & Training Coordinator

Will joined London's Air Ambulance Charity in September 2021 as part of the DMSE team. As fundraising compliance and training coordinator he is responsible for developing and delivering fundraising compliance across the charity and ensuring compliance within London's Air Ambulance Charity’s third party suppliers.

Prior to joining the charity, Will worked for the Liberal Democrat Party at their Westminster HQ, dealing with party donations and compliance particularly in respect of campaign spending during the last General Election. More recently, Will worked as a Golf Administrator at a member’s golf club.

Rhiannon Evans

Education and Outreach Manager

Rhiannon joined London’s Air Ambulance Charity in October 2017 as Learning & Outreach Manager with the aim of building our engagement with schools across London.  She visits primary and secondary schools across London to tell pupils about the lifesaving work of our charity and the various roles in the team. Rhiannon has been working in the charity sector for sixteen years and has experience of working with schools and colleges.

Simon Pitts

Senior Community Fundraising Manager

Simon joined London’s Air Ambulance in May 2020 and is responsible for increasing engagement and support from individuals, organisations, small businesses and schools throughout London and surrounding areas. Previously Simon spent six years working for several NHS Charities, which included leading a high profile trauma research appeal backed by the Sunday Mirror and rap star Professor Green. Outside work Simon is a Trustee for an Essex based charity delivering high quality support to adults with complex learning difficulties

Alison McGuinness

Community Fundraising Manager

Having joined London’s Air Ambulance Charity in 2013, Alison is our Community Fundraising Manager, leading on retail partnerships and golf club relationships across the whole of London and managing community fundraising relationships in South West, West and North West London. She not only supports individuals, groups, schools and local businesses fundraising in the community but also plans, develops and delivers new fundraising events and initiatives, from raffles and fun runs to carol concerts and 60s nights.

Alison is passionate about the power of community engagement and in creating an excellent supporter experience for every Londoner who fundraises for us and, having previously given time as a volunteer herself, is proud to support our dedicated team of community fundraising volunteers, without whom we simply couldn’t do our fundraising work.

Away from work, Alison is a busy mum of 3, and servant to Reggie the Cat, who enjoys planning fun things to do with her extended family. She loves walking for exercise and recently completed the Thamespath Challenge to fundraise in aid of London’s Air Ambulance.

Yvonne Harvey

Retail Manager

Yvonne is responsible for managing our Retail operations at London's Air Ambulance Charity. She manages the shop at the Royal London Hospital, develops new products for sale and recruits, trains and provides support to our retail volunteers. Yvonne joined the charity in November 2016 and has 30 years of experience working in the charity sector.

Lisa Bridge

Community Fundraising Coordinator

Olivia Moore

Community Fundraising Administrator

Olivia joined London’s Air Ambulance in March 2020 as the Community Fundraising Administrator to support the community team with day to day tasks. She organises the pot collections and supports local fundraisers with their events. Olivia is also responsible for thanking our community supporters and dealing with enquiries.

Olivia recently graduated with a degree in International Relations with American Studies and always wanted to turn her love for volunteering into a career in the charity sector. She has volunteered with CoppaFeel! and a medical aid charity and previously worked in a start up who provided career advice to young people.

Sophie Allen

Events Manager

Responsible for leading on the marketing, logistics and delivery of specific events, Sophie supports teams of participants in both their event preparations and their fundraising.

Sophie joined the London’s Air Ambulance Events Team in December 2018 previously having worked for Girlguiding UK, Parkinson’s UK and Blesma, The Limbless Veterans.

Molly Watson

Events Officer

Molly is responsible for leading on the marketing, logistics and delivery of specific events, she supports teams of participants in both their event preparations and their fundraising.

Molly joined the London’s Air Ambulance Events Team in January 2020 previously having worked for The Hamelin Trust, Blesma, The Limbless Veterans and Fight for Sight

Jo Pugh

Special Events Manager

Jo is responsible for planning and delivering our programme of special events including our gala ball, golf day, cultivation events and annual receptions. 

Jo joined the team at London's Air Ambulance on October 2019 having previously working for CLIC Sargent for seven years.

Jake Williams

Special Events Coordinator

Jake is responsible for supporting the planning and delivery of our Special Events programme, including our Gala ball and Golf day.

Jake joined London Air Ambulance after having worked Freelance for Children In Need on a broad range of their events, including BBC One’s Rickshaw Challenge. Jake initially went to Drama School and completed an Actors training before discovering his passion for fundraising and events. He still likes to exercise his creativity by making short films or jamming on his Saxophone - one of his bands just played their first festival! 

Alexandra Sutherland

Head of Communications

Alexandra oversees the Marketing and Communications team, looking after the press, public affairs, digital, brand and marketing functions.  She has a background in campaigns and the political sector, and has previously run an MP’s office in Westminster, worked on two General Election campaigns and the 2016 London Mayoral campaign. 

Kirsty McKellar

Media and Public Affairs Manager

Kirsty joined London’s Air Ambulance in July 2019 as Media and Public Affairs Manager, working with journalists as well as politicians and civil servants to promote the work of the charity. Kirsty has a background in politics, she has previously worked in a busy government press office and in Westminster running an MP’s office.

Eva Petrova

Content and Digital Marketing Manager

Before joining London's Air Ambulance, Eva specialised in consumer PR at Edelman, Prague, where she undertook product and corporate communication for international brands. Eva established herself as an independent marketing consultant in London in 2011 after she finished her Masters in Media.

Jessica Hodson

Digital Communications Officer

Jessica joined London's Air Ambulance Charity in May 2021 as the Digital Communications Officer. Her role involves managing the Charity's social media channels from planning, content creation, copywriting to execution. 

Jessica has a degree in Marketing and Advertising, and previously worked for Contiki and VisitBritain in their social media teams.

Tricia Johnstone

Head of Finance

Tricia joined us in May 2017 to manage the finance function of the organisation. She has long and extensive finance experience with a wide variety of charities, most recently as Head of Finance at the Museums Association. Tricia is a chartered accountant (ACCA). She grew up in the wilds of Donegal in Ireland and still likes to get out to the countryside whenever the opportunity arises.

Tharik Talukdhar

Finance Manager

Tharik joined London's Air Ambulance in July 2015 from KPMG LLP where he worked as a management consultant within their public sector financial management advisory practice. Prior to this, he worked as a management accountant at London School of Pharmacy and University College London. Tharik holds an undergraduate degree in actuarial science from Cass Business School and is a qualified chartered management accountant registered with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Karina Makna

Finance Assistant Accounts Receivable

Originally from Latvia, Karina joined London's Air Ambulance in November 2017. Having completed her accountancy degree in Riga, Karina has previously provided short support as an AP assistant in the Wellcome Trust. Karina assists the finance team in income recording and analysis, maintaining the sales ledger and bank and cash management. Karina is currently studying ACCA and sees herself as a qualified accountant in the future. 


Jade Stapleton

HR Business Partner

Jade is responsible for people and organisational development at London’s Air Ambulance. Her remit includes everything from recruitment to the contracts and policies that underpin our work. She also leads on developing our people and culture, working with everyone across the organisation to create an environment that supports our values and encourages behaviours that make us a great place to work.

Jade’s previous HR roles were in youth and digital services in the charity sector, where she developed a passion for organisational evolution and people development. She lives in East London with her Lurcher, Dogmatix, and likes good coffee.

Zofia Zaoralova

HR Officer

Zofia joined London's Air Ambulance Charity in May 2019. As HR officer, she supports the HR business partner in a number of areas, including administrative work, recruitment, induction and retention and our internal intranet. Prior to working at London's Air Ambulance, Zofia previously worked in commercial organisations and completed a masters degree in Ethnology in Slovakia, where she is originally from.

Zofia is passionate about working for an organisation that makes a difference and in her spare time enjoys strolling around London, discovering hidden gems and travelling.

Natasha Alo

Recruitment Coordinator

Natasha works within the HR team and is responsible for coordinating the charity’s recruitment process. Working in collaboration with hiring managers to ensure that we attract a wide talent pool of candidates and hiring the best people for the various roles at the charity.

Natasha is passionate about empowerment, social justice and safeguarding and has held various roles working within the educational and social care sector. Prior to working at the London’s Air Ambulance Charity, Natasha previously held roles in safeguarding management, risk assessor and project coordination.

In her spare time, Natasha enjoys art, going to the gym and reading.

Frank Chege

Patient Liaison Nurse

Frank brings a wealth of clinical experience to the role of patient liaison nurse Frank qualified as an adult nurse in 2003 and went straight into a career in the emergency department of Basildon and Thurrock Foundation NHS Trust. He started working as a staff nurse at the emergency department of The Royal London Hospital, home to the London’s Air Ambulance’s helipad, in 2007 and became a senior charge nurse in 2011. Frank has been involved with London’s Air Ambulance prior to his appointment, not just working alongside the charity at The Royal London Hospital but also attending the London’s Air Ambulance clinical governance days and pre-hospital care courses. If you have been helped by London’s Air Ambulance and would like to get in touch, please email [email protected].

Dr Gareth Grier

Institute Director and Education Lead

Gareth is a consultant and lead clinician with London’s Air Ambulance, and a consultant in emergency medicine and pre-hospital Care at Barts Health NHS Trust.

As clinical director and education lead at The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care at London’s Air Ambulance, Gareth works closely with the clinical leadership of both The Institute and London’s Air Ambulance to define The Institute’s overall medical strategy. He also defines and leads The Institute’s education strategy. He has published on the use of hi-fidelity scenario training in pre-hospital medical education, and studied medicine at University of Wales College of Medicine.

Bryony Dunne

Head of Institute Delivery

Bryony is responsible for supporting all activities relating to the running of The Institute of Pre-Hospital Care. Bryony brings with her a wealth of third sector experience in the health and international development sectors, mainly focusing on fundraising, project management and strategy development. Bryony’s most recent post was as development manager at Walkabout Foundation. 

Dr Mike Christian

Research & Clinical Effectiveness Lead/HEMS Doctor

Senior Research Fellow & Clinical Effectiveness Lead/HEMS Doctor Mike is an intensive care consultant from Canada and senior healthcare sector leader with nearly 30 years of experience. His specialisms include critical care, infectious diseases, military, aviation and pre-hospital medicine. Mike has been appointed to join the senior team for a period of three years to lead on the delivery of key objectives within London Air Ambulance's research strategy and clinical effectiveness in addition to his clinical duties as a doctor with the team.

Colin Grove

Head of Data

Shai Sheli

ThankQ Project Manager

Jack Pettitt

Database Officer

Jack joined London's Air Ambulance as the Database Officer in March 2020 having previously worked at Anthony Nolan for three years.  Prior to Anthony Nolan, Jack was Head of Customer Care for a food tech start up and a Deputy Floor Manager of Lilywhites. Jack has an MA(hons) Economics from Heriot-Watt University and in his free time enjoys playing cricket, walking and cooking.

Matt Reid

Data Coordinator

Matt joined London's Air Ambulance as the Data Coordinator in July 2020 having previously worked for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity for 5 years as an Income Officer, although Matt has worked all over the charity sector in a number of different roles during his career. Matt is largely responsible for the data administration and running of the charity’s Lottery in addition to general data admin.


Without the support of the community it would not be possible to continue our life saving work. Your donation today could save the life of a loved one tomorrow.

Our Ambassadors

We are proud and delighted to be supported by some special people who move us forward and help spread our vital work throughout the capital.

Our Ambassadors add value to London's Air Ambulance charity by:

  • helping to raise valuable funds
  • making an individual financial contribution
  • opening up networks and attracting new supporters
  • being named on literature / publicity material (where appropriate)
  • generating media coverage about the charity or its work
  • hosting or attending fundraising or other events
  • generating awareness of the charity’s achievements and campaigns 
  • contributing to the public image of the organisation

Our current Ambassadors are:

Lord Maxwell Beaverbrook

Ward Hamilton

Bernardo Hartogs

Mike Hussey

Dr Hilary Jones

Julia Leal

Sir Harry Solomon

Paul White

Dr Alastair Wilson OBE

Juliet Solomon

Richard Harris

Sir George Iacobescu CBE

We are grateful to them for their continued contribution to our vital work.

Running to Heli


Exceptional care requires exceptional people. Whether it’s our pilots, fire crew or charity staff, every member of our team provides critical support to keep our life-saving service running.

Orhan with doctor


London’s Air Ambulance has produced materials covering all aspects of the charity's life-saving work, from helicopter engineering and medical biology to charity finance, to help students go beyond the classroom in their studies.