Create your own Eggicopter and help save lives this Easter                                  

Hen Solo Eggicopter’
Hen Solo Eggicopter

Did you know that in less time than it takes to hard boil an egg we can be at a seriously injured persons side delivering life-saving care.  

Our teams aim to be airborne within 4 minutes of receiving a call, and can reach anywhere in London within 11 minutes. When every second counts, our ability to respond rapidly is critical.                                

Easter is a favourite time in our supporter’s fundraising calendar - not surprising given its link to all things chocolate! Unfortunately this year will be a little different for us all, as Lockdown and social distancing measures continue through the Easter weekend.

But we can still keep our families and younger ones entertained and engaged, while helping to replace some of the vital funds we have lost due to the pandemic.

We are inviting all our eggceptional supporters, young, old and in-between, to support us this Easter by simply:

  1. Using your imagination to create your very own Eggicopter over the Easter Weekend
  2. Share your creation with friends and family on social media
  3. Donate the cost of a chocolate Easter Egg to help us keep our helicopter flying using the DONATE button at the bottom of this page (we suggest £3 or £5 but any amount will be greatly appreciated)

Below are some eggsamples. Feel free to poach these ideas or you may have some of your own or visit here for inspiration and egg decorating tips

Montage of painted eggs


You could be a winner!

Egg with knitted helicopter on topOur panel of eggsperts will choose a selection of their favourite designs to receive some special prizes.

Whether it’s an animal, movie or celebrity themed EggiCopter (‘Egg Sheeran’ anyone), a knitted replica of our iconic red helicopter (downloadable pattern below) or an Eggicopter based on you or your family, your creation is limited only by your imagination.

Create your EggiCopter, let it fly on social media and help us raise life-saving funds.

Download Eggicopter Crochet Pattern

Our eggsperts

Andy Thomson - London's Air Ambulance Pilot

Susan Bunn – Supporter, London artist and member of AARTI (A River Runs Through It)

Simon Trill - Supporter and London's Air Ambulance Charity volunteer, and his son Dom aged 10


Get cracking

Create your EggiCopter, let it fly on social media and please help us raise life-saving funds. We’re already eggcited to see what designs you can hatch!

PS – don’t forget to use the hashtag #Eggicopter and link us in to your social media posts.

Are you a school or do you have school age children?

Eggcited to find out more about how you can get involved? Please click below.

Easter activity for schools

Donate today

Donate the cost of a chocolate Easter Egg to help us keep our helicopter flying (we suggest £3 or £5)