12 Apr 2022

143 patients were treated by London's Air Ambulance in February 2022

In February 2022, London’s Air Ambulance’s advanced trauma team attended to 143 critically injured patients across London.

Providing hospital-level care at the roadside, the doctors and paramedics of London’s Air Ambulance performed life-saving interventions including 20 ultrasounds, 12 rapid sequence intubations, eight blood transfusions and three thoracotomies (open heart surgery) during this month.

The most common mechanism of injury was penetrating trauma, of which our medical crew attended to 46 patients. Falls from height resulted in 36 dispatches, road traffic collisions 34, other mechanisms of injury 15 and medical injury 12.

Infographic showing mission statistics for February 2022With Westminster and Lambeth being the busiest boroughs during February 2022, The Royal London Hospital received 36 per cent of our patients. Thirty per cent was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital, 29 per cent to Kings College Hospital and seven per cent to St. George’s Hospital.

If you’re interested to see how these figures compare to previous months’, have a read through January 2022’s monthly mission report. We have also recently published our yearly mission statistics for 2021, which are available here.

London’s Air Ambulance – via helicopter and rapid response cars – brings the hospital to the scene to deliver urgent, cutting-edge medical care. It is because of our amazing supporters that our teams are able to get to patients when time is of the essence. Will you help us be there for all those who need us?

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