5 Aug 2014

“The London’s Air Ambulance team who treated my dad were second to none. I just turned 18, got a bit of money and wanted to help with their fundraising for a second helicopter so that more people could benefit from their incredible work,” says Corrin who raised over £1,000 for London’s Air Ambulance doing a 13,000ft skydive. 

"My dad fell 5,4 meters"

“In March this year, my dad fell 5.4 meters breaking 6 transverse processes in his spine and 3 ribs. London’s Air Ambulance came to his aid and flew him to The Royal London, where he received excellent treatment. I wanted to do something to give back and help others.” Read more about the accident of Corrin's dad 

Corrin more than doubled her fundraising target

...plunging off a plane on 23rd July. Her father Michael reflects on her skydive with obvious relief: “My wife and I were nervous wrecks but Corrin didn’t seem fazed at all, she even gave us a wave as she got in the plane for take-off. She tells us she felt no nerves at all until literally seconds before leaving the plane. Big relief to see her parachute open and bigger relief to see her landing safely."

“The skydive was incredible! Loved every second of it! I started to get a little bit nervous in the plane on the way up but when the doors opened (which is when I thought I'd be most scared!), I couldn't wait to jump!” says Corrin.

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