21st Jan 2014

LBC reporter Tom Swarbrick spent a shift with London’s Air Ambulance. Listen to the authentic footage and interviews with our team on Nick Ferrari’s Breakfast show on Thursday 23rd January. Live on LBC 97.3FM at 7am — 10am and online at lbc.co.uk. 

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LBC followed our team to the scenes of a fall from height and a stabbing, two of the most common mechanisms of injury we tend to. Interviewed in the programme are Dr Gareth Davies, medical Director of London’s Air Ambulance, Dr Dom Krzanicki, paramedics Dan Ballard and Mike Cassizi and pilots Andy Thompson and David Rolfe. 

Throughout the Blue Light Week (20th — 24th Jan), LBC is also reporting from the frontline with the Ambulance Service, Fire Brigade, Air Ambulance and the RNLI on the Thames.

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