23 Oct 2013

We have joined together with air ambulance charities across the UK to celebrate the first ever National Air Ambulance Week, 24th-30th September, which has been organised by the Association of Air Ambulances to raise awareness and funds for these charities that save lives daily.
Drawing on the Capital’s Olympic spirit, London’s Air Ambulance is hoping that the seven day event will encourages London communities and businesses to support their local air ambulance charity. 

Dr Gareth Davies, Chair and Medical Director of London’s Air Ambulance, said: “Serious injury is the commonest cause of death in under 55s. London’s Air Ambulance treats over 2,000 seriously injured patients per year but the majority of Londoners still do not know we exist or that we are a charity. By joining together with all the air ambulance charities in England and Wales, we are hoping National Air Ambulance Week will be a platform to raise awareness within the community we serve 24/7.”

One of Britain’s most famous and respected actors, Sir David Jason, is getting behind the event. 

David said: "I am honoured to be fronting the very first united National Air Ambulance Week campaign across the UK. It is vitally important that we spread the word that Air Ambulance Charities up and down the UK are not Government funded and rely on public donations to remain operational. Everyday lives are being saved by the highly skilled Air Ambulance crews. Please give whatever you can spare to support your local Air Ambulance." 

Dr Davies added: “London has hosted the Olympics and celebrated the Jubilee this year and there is a real sense of pride and togetherness. We would love to capitalise on that in National Air Ambulance Week. We have a lot of fun things planned for that week and look forward to celebrating with everyone.”

National Air Ambulance Week is an initiative put together by the Association of Air Ambulances (‘AAA’), the trade body which unites not only Air Ambulance charities from across the country, but also operators and ambulance services. The Association gives a national voice to a local service.

National Air Ambulance Week is supported by The Sun.

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