6 Jun 2019

Dr Richard Bayliss

This summer, we’re asking London to host Life Saving Tea Parties to help our service continue flying and mark 30 years of care in the Capital. To help get you in the spirit for hosting tea parties of your own, we’ve sat a few members of our crew down for a cup of tea and asked the burning questions we know you have always wanted to – that is, about their preferences when it comes to tea, coffee and cake.

Here, Doctor Richard Bayliss fills us in on how to make him his perfect cup of tea, sandwich and who he’d most like to have a cup of tea with.

What is your name and what do you do for London’s Air Ambulance Charity?

I’m Richard Bayliss and I’m one of the London’s Air Ambulance Registrars.

What is your favourite thing about working here?

The team of people we work with. We have some excellent clinicians and some excellent pilots and fire crew, and everyone works really hard towards the end goal of delivering the best critical care for patients across London.

What is your cake of choice?

It’s probably carrot cake. I’ve got a really delicious carrot cake from one our local coffee places for lunch today.

How do you take your tea?

I have my tea with milk and one sugar, which is absolute sacrilege in Yorkshire (where I’m from) but seems to be perfectly acceptable in London.

Scone (as in gone) or scone (as in cone)?

Scone (as in gone).

Water before milk or milk before water?

Water before milk, unequivocally.

Cream before jam or jam before cream?

Cream before jam.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese I think.

If you were a biscuit, what would you be and why?

I would be a rich tea because it’s adaptable to any situation.

If you could have a cup of tea with anybody, who would you like to have a cup of tea with?

I think Elton John would be quite entertaining – very interesting to talk to.

Host your own life saving tea party