Rogue AgentHelp MI5 uncover a Rogue Agent and support our life saving work.

MI5 has a problem that only you can solve. One of their agents has gone rogue, stealing priceless art from around the globe. As the agency’s newest recruit, you are the only person who can be trusted to unmask the agent before they strike again.

You will be given top secret access to an online portal where you can fulfill your special mission by piecing together vital clues and solving puzzles to reveal the Rogue Agent!


I was really impressed with how in depth and interactive it was! I had loads of fun and loved being able to play with people from the other side of the country!

Vicki Allen

Your mission details

Rogue Agent is an online game from Escape Live, for 1 -6 players in either one location or multiple locations using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Each game costs £20 for a maximum of 6 players

London’s Air Ambulance Charity will receive £7.50 from every purchased game

The game should take between 1 and 2 hours to complete, though you are able to pause the game and complete it later

The Escape Room was great fun, really challenging, interactive, and we loved the unique clues hidden within the room (which we won't spoil!). The plot was also engaging and easy to follow. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an escape room to play virtually with friends.

Jake Lester

Before you start your mission 

What you’ll need to complete your mission

  1. The game is best played on a laptop, but any device will work: if you have a Smart TV you may be able to link your mobile phone and play the game on your television.
  2. There are spoken instructions and clues, so make sure you can hear
  3. You will need internet connection throughout the game
  4. Once you have purchased the game you will receive a unique access code

Tips and advice

  1. Check out the ‘clues and help’ tab before you start on your mission.
  2. Files are viewed best by clicking ‘View’
  3. Once you have used an item you won’t have to use it again

Start your mission now

Good luck and thank you for supporting London's Air Ambulance Charity