On our 30th anniversary, we are launching an appeal to raise £1 million for our charity so that we can save time, and save lives in London.

The current helipad was designed in the early 2000s with the rest of The Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel and since then our service has continued to evolve, innovate and grow.

We constantly strive to work faster and more efficiently for our patients, but we are now at the point where we cannot streamline our operation any more without making significant developments to our facilities.

To get to patients even quicker, we would like to move the on- call team closer to the flight deck, shaving valuable seconds off our response time.

The cumulative stress of the job can have a damaging effect on our crews’ personal and professional lives, especially in the wake of major incidents such as the Grenfell Tower disaster. We hope to develop facilities with dedicated space for crews to de-brief, rest and reflect after jobs.

Our Institute of Pre-Hospital Care provides world leading training in trauma medicine to our teams. The current infrastructure is insufficient, with staff reporting that training exercises disrupt helipad operations and course participants reporting that current facilities are overcrowded and not fit-for-purpose.

Our crew face significant challenges when delivering our rapid response and cutting-edge medical treatments in London. Through funds raised in our 30th year, we plan to improve our facilities to ensure we can respond even faster, enhance our training and ensure our crews have the facilities they need for their mental health and well being.


Through your support, we would wish to develop facilities including:

  1. A ready crew room placed closer to the aircraft for faster dispatch
  2. A “safe space” for our crews to find respite, deliver peer-to-peer support and debrief critical missions. This space is essential to the wellbeing of our teams helping them to recover and recuperate after being exposed to exceptional levels of trauma on a daily basis. This would also be used for patient and family visits.
  3. Education and training facilities for our advanced trauma teams, Physician Response Unit medics and course trainees.
  4. Rest accommodation for frontline staff
  5. New storage space to accommodate additional medical and major incident response equipment

How we will use your donation

We would like to use the funds from this appeal to go towards developing London’s Air Ambulance operational, well-being and training support facilities at our helipad at the Royal London Hospital or at an alternative location if this is not possible. Any surplus funds will be used to provide operational support where the need is greatest. If not enough funds are raised to carry out this aim, unused funds will also be used to provide operational support where the need is greatest.