Thank you for supporting our life-saving service at this difficult time

Candles and wreathWe can only imagine how hard this time is for you and have therefore made setting up a funeral collection and notification page as easy as possible.

You can create a funeral notice very simply by completing the form below. You can then share your page with family and friends and receive donations so that you haven’t got to worry about this on the day. The page can also be personalised with memories, stories and photos of your loved one.

By supporting London’s Air Ambulance Charity in this special way, you are helping us to be there for critically injured people across London, when every second counts. For that we are truly grateful. Thank you.


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If you would prefer to collect donations at the funeral or memorial service, please email us on [email protected]

If you have already collected cheques and/or cash and need to pay these donations into us, please visit our donation page.