3 Mar 2014

This new series looks at innovations in emergency medicine and the improvements in patient outcomes as a result of doctor-led pre-hospital care and fast-tracking heart attack/cardiac arrest, stroke and trauma patients to specialist centres.

It was filmed over the summer of 2013, spending two months with London’s Air Ambulance including with our Physician Response Unit (PRU), a medical emergency fast response team who are tasked to out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients, at The Royal London and London Chest Hospitals and with the London Ambulance Service.  Filming also took place in Nottingham and Birmingham.

Across the three programmes, nine patient stories are featured, five of these are involving London’s Air Ambulance in the pre-hospital phase. The key clinicians involved in each patient case conducted in-depth retrospective interviews so the style of the programmes is very much clinicians taking the audience through what happens.

Episode 1

In this episode, medics fight to save the lives of a young woman, Zoe, who collapses on Oxford Street, Rumen, who's been hit by a car and elderly farmer Bill who's been crushed by a cow.  London’s Air Ambulance provides pre-hospital care to two of three patients.

Episode 2

In this episode, medics fight to save the lives of a motorcyclist, a young man who has been stabbed and a man who has had a cardiac arrest.  London’s Air Ambulance and its Physician Response Unit (PRU) provide pre-hospital care to two of the three patients.

Episode 3

In this episode, medics fight to save the lives of a tree surgeon who has fallen from a significant height and two patients filmed in Birmingham, a stroke and a major trauma patient. London's Air Ambulance provides pre-hospital care to one of the three patients.

  • Get involved in the conversation on Twitter using the series’ official hashtag #AHTSYL and @LDNairamb
  • You  can view clips of the programme here 




**London’s Air Ambulance has a robust contract and filming protocol in place that ensures all filming that takes place with patients cannot be broadcast without their written permission and patients are given the opportunity to view footage prior to deciding if they want to take part in the series.**



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