24 Oct 2013

Dr. David Lockey, London’s Air Ambulance Consultant & Trustee and Research & Development lead, was made Honorary Professor of Trauma and Prehospital Emergency Medicine by the University of Bristol.

This is believed to be the only Professorial appointment in the UK in the new medical speciality of Prehospital Emergency Medicine. The General Medical Council have now approved, as of 1st August 2011, Prehospital Emergency Medicine as a subspecialty of Anaesthesia and Emergency Medicine. 

Professor David Lockey joined us in 1997 and has played a significant role in driving the delivery of advanced Prehospital Care to patients throughout the UK. Professor David Lockey is also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Queen Mary College London and has written many papers in the field of Prehospital Trauma Care. 

As a leading Prehospital Emergency Medicine provider, we have trained hundreds of doctors and paramedics in this field since we started in 1989. Doctors are recruited from across the world and the model where doctors join us for six months and paramedics for nine ensures that we can train many more in the future. Over the years we have invested a lot of time and energy in this field over the years and we are delighted that this is now a recognised subspecialty in medicine. 

Commenting on the appointment, Professor David Lockey said: “I am grateful to Bristol University for appointing me as an Honorary Professor. London’s Air Ambulance has been leading in clinical Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine for many years and we are delighted that the subspecialty has now been formally recognised. I am really looking forward to working with our partners to set up research projects which have real potential to improve the early treatment of trauma patients.”

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