26 Jul 2016

Recently the City and Islington College, Islington Arts and Media school, St Mary Magdalene Academy and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School met to get girls more involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects.

Women are still chronically under-represented across all fields of science, making up just 14.4% of the STEM workforce in the UK.

The HELIMED App  was launched in early June 2016 and is aimed at 11-14 year olds and aims to increase participation in STEM subjects.  It enables young children to see what London’s Air Ambulance does, which includes selecting a patient for our team to be dispatched to, flying and navigating the helicopter to scene, treating the patient and selecting the nearest hospital.

An attendee of the session said: “The app was fun and very enjoyable, it was easy to use and gave a big insight into what London's Air Ambulance does.”

A London's Air Ambulance volunteer said: “There are lots of smart young girls here today and some young girls would not have recognised that these types of jobs existed in society.”

Another attendee said: “The app was amazing and I can’t wait to go home and download it on my phone and try to beat my friends’ times.”

This news story was written by Billy Broadway who carried out work experience with London's Air Ambulance as part of his Y10 studies. 

Download our HELIMED app now

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