22nd Jun 2015

Have you seen London’s black cabs displaying the London’s Air Ambulance iconic red livery on their roofs? This is thanks to advertising company BrightMove Media, which is supporting our ‘Your London, Your Helicopter’ campaign by donating advertising space on its taxi topper LED screens. 200 taxis are supporting our bid to raise money for a second emergency medical helicopter for London. 

Christian McGuinness, Chief Operating Officer at BrightMove Media said: “As a doting dad, when I hear of the remarkable work that the charity carries out I think ‘that could be someone’s child, even my own’. Any initiative aimed at saving a life should be embraced. The doctors, pilots, paramedics and operational teams have my utmost respect.” 

London’s Air Ambulance Director of Development, Mark Davies, said: “We are extremely grateful to Brightmove Media for this generous donation of advertising. We need people in London to know that we are a charity and that London needs a second emergency medical helicopter. If other organisations can help by donating money at yourhelicopter.london and advertising to their employees and customers, we should be able to get the second helicopter flying this year."

We are currently in our final fundraising drive to secure the £2.1 million still needed to acquire and sustain a second helicopter. Through the acquisition of a second helicopter and by extending our daylight flying hours in the summer months, we will be able to reach an estimated 400 more patients per year by aircraft.