24th Oct 2013

Company called 'Air Ambulance Service' is not a Registered Charity

We would like to warn Londoners to be aware of a door-to-door company calling themselves the ‘Air Ambulance Service’. This is not a registered charity and London’s Air Ambulance is not receiving any donations from this service.

Clothes Recycling

A company has been leafleting homes in the Eltham and Wanstead areas asking for clothing donations to support the ‘Air Ambulance Service’. 

Clothes recycling is a genuine source of income for us, however we use a company called World UK Trading Ltd. and the bags are clearly marked that they are for London’s Air Ambulance.  If people are wary of collections, they should contact World UK Trading Ltd. on 01234 782823.


A door-to-door company called ‘Air Ambulance Service’ has been in the Eltham and Wanstead areas asking for Direct Debits for a lottery.  Again, London’s Air Ambulance will not benefit from any of this money. 

London’s Air Ambulance runs a lottery, which generates a valuable source of income for the charity, and employs door-to-door canvassers.

If you want to check the identity of our canvassers you can do so here or by telephoning our lottery team on 020 7220 5480

Commenting on this, Charity Director, David Oakley, said: “These people are not from a registered charity and we are quite angry that they are purporting to collect on our behalf.  Having been alerted to this, we feel it our responsibility to warn people to be aware, however we urge Londoners to carry on supporting us through our lottery, as it is a dependable income for us.

“While this has only been in a few areas, our neighbouring county air ambulances have been having problems with this company for some time.  This matter has been brought to the attention of the police, Trading Standards, and The Charity Commission”