23 Feb 2016

Today we have released our mission statistics for 2015 to continue raising awareness of the work that we do 24/7 to help save lives in the capital. 

Last year we treated 1,826 patients. Key statistics include: 


  • Top three busiest boroughs include Westminster (115 patients treated), Lambeth (113 patients treated) and Hackney (111 patients treated) 
  • Busiest postcodes include N1 (38 patients treated ), W1 (32 patients treated), CR0 and SE1 (31 patients treated in each)
  • Of the 1,826 patients treated, the mechanisms of injury were: 33% (601) Road traffic collisions , 29% (528) Stabbings and shootings, 24% (433) Falls, 14% (264) Other (including incidents on the rail networks, hangings and drownings) 
  • The full mission map can be viewed here.


The release of our mission statistics comes after our much needed second helicopter became operational for London last month. The G-LNDN registered MD902 Explorer is available to deliver our advanced trauma team to critically injured patients and became operational in time to cover for our first helicopter (G-EHMS), when it went offline for annual maintenance. 


Graham Hodgkin, CEO of London’s Air Ambulance, said:“The charity is here to serve everyone in London. While our statistics show that we were busier in some areas of the capital than others, trauma can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Trauma doesn’t have a postcode and neither do we. By releasing these statistics we are hoping to raise awareness of that fact. 


“Now with two helicopters to maintain, and the extension of our daylight flying hours in the summer months, the cost of providing our service to London has increased to £6 million each year. Support for the charity is needed now more than ever to maintain the delivery of our advanced trauma care to London, and I am urging people to please continue to support us, whether that’s donating, volunteering, taking part in an event or asking the organisation you work for to engage with us.”


Top Ten Busiest Boroughs 2015                     Top Ten Busiest Postcodes 2015 

1. Westminster (115 patients treated)                1. N1 (38 patients treated) 

2. Lambeth (113 patients treated)                     2. W1 (32 patients treated) 

3. Hackney (111 patients treated)                     3. CR0 (31 patients treated) 

4. Tower Hamlets (87 patients treated)             4. SE1 (31 patients treated) 

5. Newham (77 patients treated)                       5. E14 (30 patients treated) 

6. Ealing (77 patients treated)                            6. E1 (29 patients treated) 

7. Lewisham (71 patients treated)                     7. W12 (28 patients treated) 

8. Barnet (70 patients treated)                           8. N15 (26 patients treated) 

9. Greenwich (69 patients treated)                     9. N7 (25 patients treated) 

10. Hillingdon (65 patients treated)                     10. NW10 (25 patients treated)


We treat on average five critically injured people in London each day, performing medical interventions at the roadside which are normally only found in a hospital emergency department. Barts Health NHS Trust provide the doctors and some financial support and the London Ambulance Service provides the paramedics and the emergency infrastructure to dispatch the service. We rely heavily on voluntary donations to keep the service running. Please continue to support the charity and help us save more lives.



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