13th Dec 2017

London’s Air Ambulance has been shortlisted for the Air Ambulance Service Award in the Health Business Awards 2017 in recognition of our newly remodelled Physician Response Unit (PRU).

The PRU is a joint service provided by London’s Air Ambulance, Barts Health NHS Trust and the London Ambulance Service. Launched in 2001, the PRU is staffed by a senior doctor and a London Ambulance Service Emergency Ambulance crew member. The PRU carries advanced medication, equipment and treatments usually only found in hospital, such as instant result blood tests, urine tests and sutures to stitch serious wounds. The PRU takes the Emergency Department to the patient meaning they can be treated at scene and often avoid having to go to hospital.

This year, the PRU was remodelled thanks to funding from Tower Hamlets together. Previously an 8 hours a day, 5 days a week service, the PRU will now be able to respond to 999 calls 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Because of these longer hours, up to 50% more patients will be seen, be able to get the care they need quicker and hospital and ambulance resources will be freed up in East London. Read more.

The Health Business Awards, taking place on 14th December at The Grange Hotel, St Paul’s, recognise and celebrate the significant contributions made each year by individuals and organisations that work inside or alongside the NHS. The awards are presented in 19 different categories, with a focus on facilities, specialism and innovation. We are humbled that the work done by the PRU and our team’s hard work in remodelling the service will be recognised at the awards.

Good luck to all of those nominated on Thursday.

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