21st Oct 2013

Human Aid UK, the international charity based in Whitechapel, which aims to alleviate the suffering of the poorest people world-wide, turns its attention to the local community by aiming to raise £5,000 in 2013 for London's Air Ambulance. The partnership was initiated by Human Aid supporter, Runu Miah, who was treated by our charity in 2009.

Runu was riding on his moped in Haringey, North London preparing for the ‘Knowledge‘ exam, before being tragically knocked off and run over by a car. Runu suffered severe limb and pelvic injuries and lost vast amounts of blood. A London’s Air Ambulance doctor and paramedic were at his side within minutes. They administrated pain relief, splinted his limbs and pelvis on scene and requested blood from The Royal London Hospital to be ready on the helipad as soon they touched down.

Runu Miah, Human Aid volunteer and our ex-patient, who initiated the charity partnership, said: “Fundraising for London’s Air Ambulance ultimately means giving back to our local community, as you never know who will need their services next. Before they saved my life, I hadn’t realised how valuable the service London’s Air Ambulance provides is and I want to help this amazing charity continue their operations.“

In the upcoming year, Human Aid UK will make an exception to their mostly international focus and will fundraise for our charity. Human Aid UK will be collecting donations from the local community, with local community Mosques as their main fundraising platform.

Commenting on the partnership, Chairman of Human Aid UK, Jilu Miah said: “London’s Air Ambulance saves thousands of lives in London every year. We are delighted to support this vital service that hugely benefits our local community. Apart from launching a number of fundraising activities in 2013, we also hope to raise awareness about the fact that London’s Air Ambulance is a charity that relies heavily on public donations.”