23rd Apr 2015

Our single helicopter was able to deliver our advanced trauma team to treat a patient in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 18 April due to our recent extension to our daylight flying hours

Reported widely in the media over the weekend, a patient fell from a height at one of the city’s most iconic locations. Our advanced trauma team was dispatched at 19.26 to treat a patient. Previous to 29 March this year, due to aviation resources, we had to stop flying at 18.45 each day, reverting to our rapid response cars. When we are able to fly, we can be by a patient’s side up to EIGHT times faster than in a rapid response car. During this period, we have already been able to tend to nine more patients by air than we would have previously. 

Please donate and help us acquire a second helicopter for London, so we can always have one available.


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