2 Apr 2015

On Sunday 8th March, 70 teams took to the streets of London to take part in the Tower Powerhouses: 5km Family Challenge in order to raise money for our charity and Historic Royal Palaces. This event was the first of its kind for London's Air Ambulance and was a huge success.  Teams started off at the Tower of London, where they collected their first clue and set off on their 5km walk around the City of London, searching for clues and answers to facts about the history of London. 

There were 11 checkpoints in total scattered along the route where teams would present their answer for each clue and were rewarded for correct answers with number of tokens. Teams from many different parts of London came to participate in the event, many of which dressed up. 

Bonus checkpoints were included along the route where teams could earn extra tokens. This was done by telling a helicopter related joke, singing a song or doing a dance. One of our favourite jokes was: what do you call a helicopter that wobbles in the air? ... A jelly copter!   

This was a great opportunity for families to work together as a team to get from one clue checkpoint to the next while also teaching children- and some adults- interesting facts about the history of London. 

Waiting at the finish line for the families were a Knight and Squire, who welcomed back the families and congratulated them on their return. Whilst the teams had their picnic lunch, their tokens were counted and teams were presented with a certificate stating their total number of coins. 

Our mascot, Ruby, also made an appearance greeting children on their way back. The atmosphere was great throughout the day and many teams reported having a great time. The event has already sparked interest for a future event of the same kind. 

Thank you to all the teams that participated and to all our volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this event happen! 

“It was a very enjoyable and educational day. The volunteers on the treasure hunt as well as the volunteers at The Armouries were very helpful and helped made the day fun” — Ru Rahman

“We had a great day and were suitably exhausted at the end of it” — Sarah Oppenheimer, Mother of one of our ex-patients.

“This was one of the best charity events we have done. It was my 7 year Joshua's first and he absolutely loved it” — Sue Kirby 

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