6 Dec 2018

Andy, an on-duty police officer, was hit from behind while riding his motorcycle on a roundabout. He was thrown from his vehicle and collided with a sign at the side of the road, suffering a traumatic amputation of his right leg and breaking his ribs and an arm. Bystanders immediately dialled 999 and placed a tourniquet on his leg. 

Within minutes, London’s Air Ambulance arrived and anaesthetised Andy on scene, which helped to control his breathing and take away the immense pain he was in.

Andy remembers the team that looked after him at the roadside: “The immediate care I got at the side of the road was second-to-none. I remember what was going on until I was put under. In my line of work, I frequently go to the fatal collisions, so I was very impressed with the professionalism they displayed at the scene.”

“I cannot thank London’s Air Ambulance enough for coming out to me following my collision. I knew that my injuries were very serious and without the amazing treatment I received at the side of the road, I would not be alive today. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to those who support, volunteer their time and donate to London’s Air Ambulance. Without their support, the aircraft would not be able to fly these life-saving missions. Thank you to all.”

After the on-scene treatment, Andy was taken to The Royal London Hospital where he underwent two surgeries to stem the bleeding from his amputated leg and to set his broken arm. He woke up eight hours later in intensive care with his family at his bedside.

Andy returned to work after nine months having received his prosthetic leg. “It’s important to remain positive. Although it’s been a massive injury and a big shock for everybody, it does get better,” he says.

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