4 Jul 2019

Jess with the team

Jessica was just 25 when she was involved in a serious road traffic collision outside of her house. She sustained multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury and needed urgent medical care. London’s Air Ambulance flew to Jess's side and stabilised her at the scene so that she could be safely transported to a major trauma centre. The team airlifted her back to The Royal London Hospital. Jess spent the next six weeks in a coma.  

Nevertheless, Jess has made (and continues to make) an outstanding recovery. She underwent a lengthy rehabilitation process, requiring support from muscular-skeletal and neuro physiotherapists and personal trainers to help repair different aspects of her life and adjust to life with a brain injury.

Jess said: “Visiting the London’s Air Ambulance Charity helipad was so meaningful. Without their initial help mere minutes after my accident, I know I would not be sitting here at all... Their professionalism is truly remarkable, and I will be forever grateful.”

Jess has now written a book about her experiences. ‘Everything is broken’ tells the story of her journey through trauma and rehabilitation, and how she kept going through even the most difficult days. Find out more about the book.

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