4th Feb 2019

Where are you now

We have created a Facebook Group called London's Air Ambulance - Where are you now? to help us reconnect with former patients, their family and friends and provide a forum to share their journey since their incident.

As we are only in the lives of our patients and their loved ones for a very short time, we don’t always know what happens next. This is why we have established our Facebook Group as a way for you to reconnect with not only us, but other former patients.


Share your story

If you would like to reconnect with us and share your story of how life has been since your trauma, simply join our Facebook Group and post your story. You could even share a video telling us about your journey. We'd love to hear from you.


What others have shared


What was one of our worst ever days as a family is also the day that marked the beginning of a lifetime relationship. Through the charity we met several other ex. patients and their families, who are able to share their stories, support each other and form a group that can supports and contribute to the charity work.

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