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Gareth Grier“London is the best city in the world. Those of us that live and work in the Capital deserve the best possible care if the worst should happen. We have transformed treating patients before they get to hospital into an established medical discipline. With the support of partners like you we can use that pioneering spirit and energy to continue innovating”

As you heard on the night, traumatic injury can happen to anyone, at any time.

London’s Air Ambulance Charity have a proud history of pioneering new ways to save lives. Thanks to the ground-breaking treatments we’ve developed, people who would have died at the scene of their injury a few years ago are now surviving.

But there are still some patients whose injuries are so severe that they don’t survive.

We want to change this.

By investing in research and development, together we can pioneer new techniques and treatments to save more lives.

Last night you will have heard about some of our innovative projects; “Every Second Counts”, “Pioneering for our Patients”, “Buying Time” and “Survivors of the Future”.

You can be part of this life-saving research and innovation. To learn more please contact Tanya Moss on: 020 3023 3308 or email [email protected]

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You can also read on to discover more about each project.

Thank you for helping us redefine what is possible at the roadside.

Sacha and family

Every Second Counts

Traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in people under 40 in the UK. Outcomes for patients who do survive can be devastating. The impact on their lives and those of their loved ones is enormous, often affecting their personalities, relationships and their ability to live an independent life.

Whole blood used by crew

Pioneering For Our Patients

Approximately 100 people each year in London suffer such severe blood loss after traumatic injury that they may never make it to hospital. 

ECMO team

Buying Time

It’s a shocking statistic that currently, only 10% of people who collapse from a heart attack outside of hospital survive. If the heart is not restarted as soon as possible, the chances of survival plummet dramatically.

Crew inside helicopter

Survivors Of The Future

We can only create ‘new survivors’ if we have a detailed knowledge of why people are dying. With thanks to funding from Zoll Medical Corporation, we launched the Golden Hour Project to transform understanding of the causes of death within 60 minutes of a critical injury.

London’s Air Ambulance Charity’s Innovation Circle: Pushing medical boundaries to save lives

The Innovation Circle will play a key role in powering this pioneering work in clinical innovation. We are encouraging individuals, trusts and foundations to join the Circle with a minimum donation of £5,000 annually over 3 years. Circle members will hear about the progress they’re funding through Newsflash e-mails and biannual Circle Updates and receive invitations to exclusive Q&A sessions with our consultants, paramedics and Research Fellows.

To become a member or find out more, please get in touch with Caroline Gellatly, Philanthropy Lead on: 020 3023 3337 or email [email protected]

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Your support saves lives

We’re here for every one of the 10 million people in London, every second of every day. Thank you for playing a part in helping us to save lives.

If you would like to find out more about a specific project and how your involvement could make a lasting difference, please get in touch with Tanya Moss, Philanthropy Manager on: 020 3023 3308 or email [email protected]

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