24th Oct 2013

London's Air Ambulance is currently working in partnership with a new and exciting company called LIFE.

Their vision is to deliver an ‘Emergency Lifesaving Skills on the Street’ programme into all classrooms across London. LIFE is an innovative company formed by healthcare professionals, who, together with London's Air Ambulance, believe that every child in London should be taught CPR. The programme is developed and taught by healthcare professionals, and teaches the students the skills needed when dealing with CPR, choking, wounds and bleeding. The first programme went live on Friday 1st July at The Petchey Academy, Stoke Newington, where the faculty of London's Air Ambulance and LIFE taught thirty students the skills needed when dealing with real-life emergencies.

The day was a huge success and London's Air Ambulance with LIFE look forward to delivering this programme to schools across London in the next academic year.
Commenting on the programme, one of the student’s of Petchy Academy said "I feel confident in my ability to help a person if they are in need".

To learn more about this new initiative please contact [email protected]

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