26th Jul 2016

Did you know that you can support London’s Air Ambulance while you do your grocery shopping?

A pioneer in free range eggs, Hoads Farm Finest Quality Eggs has been our supporter since May 2014. Every purchase of Hoads Farm eggs has resulted in a 1p donation split between us and Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance and has raised £35,000 for our causes to date. Hoads Farm has now launched into 37 local Co-op stores across Sussex, hoping to raise even more funds for the air ambulances.

Fully accredited to the BEIC Lion Quality farm assurance and food labelling scheme and RSPCA Freedom Foods Welfare standards, Hoads Farm believes its strong quality and welfare values are a ‘natural fit’ with the Co-op. A pioneer in free range eggs since 1978, Hoads farms prides itself on featuring up-to-date production and packing facilities whilst placing welfare and environmental conditions higher than that is required by Law. 

Speaking of the partnership with the Co-op, Adrian Potter, Commerical Director of Hoads Farm says:“The Co-op has made its name for being at the forefront of responsible retailing and has a strong Food Ethical Policy around farming, so it’s a natural home for our eggs.”

Co-op’s Divisional Ranging Manager- South, Judy Naylor says: “Upholding strict welfare standards and investing in the promotion of best practice is something the Co-op takes pride in. As a local trusted retailer, sourcing the very best local produce is part of our DNA. Eggs are one of our key staples, and customers want to know hens are well-cared for.”

Hoads Farms, a family- run business is so passionate about hen welfare and following the advice from The British Free Range Egg Producers’ Association which says reducing stress in hens improves performance, relax their hens by playing music ranging from classical, jazz and even popular artists like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. 

Judy added: “As well as high quality eggs, we believe customers will prefer to buy a product that also supports vital Charites in our area.  The Air Ambulance saves lives, so we’re really proud to be partnering with Hoads Farm.” 

Adrian says:“We believe in giving back to the communities we live and work in, and are passionate about building strong corporate, social and environmental responsibilities into our business. We are quite unique in that we have never compromised our values having only ever sold genuine free range eggs.”

 Mark Davies, Director of Development at London's Air Ambulance said:  “A very big thank you to Hoads Farm for continuing to support our cause and raising awareness of our charity and vital funds so we can continue to help critically injured patients, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our partnership with Hoads Farm offers a great way for people to support the work we do and we hope that it will continue for a long time.”

There are plenty of opportunities for your local business to support us in the community too, through holding an event, taking part in a collection or hosting a collection box. 

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