11 Apr 2014

If you had signed up to the London's Air Ambulance lottery, you might receive a phone call one day. That is what happened to Eileen. 

“Having supported several charities, many of them call me regularly only to ask me to donate more money," says Eileen.

"Are you calling me to tell me I had won £1,000?' I asked not trying to hide the sarcasm. 'Yes, and we would like to invite you to our helipad,” was the reply."

"I couldn't believe it. I never won anything. I signed up to the London's Air Ambulance lottery to donate £1 a week to the charity after I had seen their work first hand. When I was approached by one of London's Air Ambulance canvassers in my local supermarket, it made me aware that we take air ambulances for granted but they rely on our support," says Eileen.

Eileen visited London's Air Ambulance in April with her friend Ann: "When Eileen called me and asked me to accompany her to the helipad visit, I was honoured. It was an incredible experience! We are now looking at doing a fundraising event later on in the summer with the Brentwood chapter of the Red Hat Society we are both members of." 

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