10 May 2022

Beavers completing Charity Challenge Badge

Aged six to eight, 4th Ruislip Cherokees Beavers completed their Money Skills Activity Badge, which required them to learn about money, choose something to save for and show how they make decisions between what they want, what they need and what they donate or share. They were each given a money box to take home to collect their savings. 

Their total savings came to £252.94 and as a group, the Beavers decided they would donate them to London’s Air Ambulance Charity.  

Our Learning & Outreach Manager, Rhiannon Evans, visited the group to receive the donation, say a huge thank you and tell the Beavers about how their fundraising will help to support London’s Air Ambulance’s life-saving service. She said:

“It was great to meet such an enthusiastic group with plenty of questions for me to answer!”

After the visit, the Beavers completed activities for London’s Air Ambulance Challenge Badge. They were delighted to be presented with their badges in April 2022. 

The Challenge Badge activities included travelling around London during school holidays, first aid sessions, learning what to do in an emergency, and how to and when to call the emergency services. There was also a disability awareness evening where the Beavers learned to spell their names and make the Beaver Promise using sign language.  

During one first aid session, the Beavers managed to show off their bandaging skills on their Leaders. One Leader had to be cut free from a very securely tied bandage! 

Beaver Scout Leader, Karen Brown, said:

“I am very pleased with how they all embraced the activities with enthusiasm and understanding. These badges have been very well earned.”  

If you are part of a uniform youth group, learn more about our Charity Challenge Badge, or contact our Community Team.

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