21st Oct 2013

On Saturday 25th May, a group of six London’s Air Ambulance employees also known as Sisters with Blisters set out on a 100km walk from London to Brighton to raise money for their very own charity. Fundraising for London’s Air Ambulance being the core of their everyday activities, the team decided to go the extra mile with London 2 Brighton Challenge. They finished in 32 hours, raising cca £2,350 via their work contacts, friends and families. 

Being employed by the Charity, the team constantly get to see the impact London’s Air ambulance has on people’s lives. “It's a cause that we are all extremely passionate about. We are lucky enough to meet the patients that benefit from this charity, be friends with the inspirational heroes that deliver the care, work with volunteers who devote their time to raise money and be involved with a world class service that pushes the boundaries in pre-hospital medicine,” says Siobhra Murphy, Head of PR & Communications Department.

The Sisters with Blisters team set off for London 2 Brighton Challenge on Saturday at 7:30am. Unfortunately, not all team members were able to finish the walk as some health complications and injuries occurred on 57th and 70th km. Corporate Partnerships Manager, Amanda Crozier, Events Manager, Lindsey Dixon and PR & Communications Officer, Eva Petrova reached Brighton at 3:30 pm on Sunday.

“The walk was tougher than any of us could have imagined. We thoroughly enjoyed it, we heavily bonded and the knowledge of who we were doing it for kept us going. We haven’t finished counting but we think we have raised around £2,350 for our charity. Thank you all for your support!” says Events Manager Lindsey Dixon.