21 Jul 2021

Early on New Year’s Day 2021, Steve was out jogging, when he was hit by a car. Thankfully, an onlooker called for an ambulance and sat with Steve until the emergency services arrived.  

“This person was his first life-saver because he provided information that resulted in Helicopter Emergency Medical Service being alerted and dispatched.” - The Blake family 

When London’s Air Ambulance arrived at the scene, Steve was being cared for by a team of paramedics from London Ambulance Service. However, it soon became clear that due to fractures to his pelvis, he was suffering catastrophic internal bleeding which meant that he may not survive to hospital. 

London’s Air Ambulance takes the hospital to the roadside when someone is critically injured. The London’s Air Ambulance team placed Steve into an induced coma at the scene and administered a blood transfusion.  Steve also had a REBOA balloon inserted in order to stop him from bleeding to death and in the process buy him time to reach definitive intervention in hospital.   

The interventions of the pre-hospital teams meant that Steve survived the journey to hospital where a team of nurses, doctors, and specialists were waiting to treat him.  

Whilst in hospital, Steve had three operations and was in a coma for five days. As a result of the accident, he suffered damage to the base of his spine, fractures to his pelvis and right femur, broken ribs, a crack to his kneecap, nerve damage and torn ligaments, along with micro-bleeds in his brain. Steve will require further operations and is currently undergoing intensive rehab. 

As a family, the Blakes have gone through many emotions since the accident but what shines above all is the immense gratitude that they have for the London’s Air Ambulance team, who along with the help of a larger team, saved Steve’s life.  

“The thought of any other outcome would be totally unbearable. We owe them so much.” - The Blake family 

This year, Steve’s family signed up to participate in our new challenge – Miles for Missions – where we’ve challenged people to walk 116 miles between June and September. The Blakes 7 team have challenged themselves to each walk 116 miles.  

“We are doing this challenge because we have to give something back to the service that gave us back Steve - for which we will be eternally grateful.” - The Blake family 

So far, the Blakes 7 team have completed an impressive 303 miles and raised an incredible £4173.36 - having set themselves a target of £1 per mile each!  

To make up their miles, the Blakes have cycled in Kent, gone swimming in the Dorset sea, hiked in New Forest, walked and run across the Surrey Hills and explored Silverstone.  

In August, the family have a holiday planned in Devon where they will aim to cover some of the miles together. But they will be saving 1 special mile for the last day of the challenge in September – a mile which they hope that Steve will be able to join them for.   

You can donate to the Blakes 7 challenge here.  

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