17 Feb 2022

Channel 4's Emergency documentary image

Channel 4 is releasing a unique fly on the wall documentary titled “Emergency”, which focuses on London’s major trauma network and includes London’s Air Ambulance’s advanced pre-hospital care.

The documentary was filmed during the busiest month of summer 2021 and follows the minute-by-minute decisions made by medics across London as they treat the most critically-injured patients in the city. The programmes will follow London’s Air Ambulance's dispatch, arrival and treatment at scene, through to hospital care and rehabilitation. 

Three London’s Air Ambulance patients will feature across the four shows, that will be broadcast between Monday 28 February and Thursday 3 March in the 9pm-10pm slot, alongside two of our medics – Dr Chloe Baker and Dr Jess Payne. Watch the preview below:


Dr Chloe Baker said: “I hope viewers will take inspiration from the fact that nearly every job we attend involves patients experiencing the worst day of their lives.

London's Air Ambulance Charity's Dr Chloe Baker
Dr Chloe Baker

It never fails to fill me with wonder, the acts of kindness almost invariably performed by strangers when terrible things happen to people out and about. Nearly every patient we attend will have bystanders helping them, often selflessly covered in blood, cradling them in the road or sacrificing pieces of their clothing or other personal effects to comfort or reassure the patient. It’s truly amazing and never fails to make me feel grateful and humbled.”

The Channel 4 team came out on a number of shifts with our advanced trauma team last year. This documentary is an amazing opportunity to see first-hand what our crews do – we hope it will educate more people about our service and how vital it is that the teams can get to a patient within minutes.

Tom Hurst, Medical Director at London’s Air Ambulance, said: “This documentary shows how essential trauma care is and how important every stage of that care is. London’s Air Ambulance is proud to be a part of this amazing system, and humbled by the dedication and professionalism shown by our colleagues across the London trauma system. Our teams have the privilege of playing a role in caring for some of the most extraordinary survivors of trauma possible – and we continue to strive to create even more survivors.”

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