13th Feb 2019

primary visit

Last week, we were delighted to host girls from Smithy Street Primary School to learn about the work our charity does daily and what it’s like to work for our team.

The visit took place as part of our charity’s partnership with project I Can Be, which will see us host groups of seven-and eight-year-old girls in our charity office.  The aim of the programme is to introduce children to the world of work, broadening horizons and helping them to discover the breadth of opportunity around them.

Targeting inner-city primary schools, I Can Be enables girls to explore jobs they otherwise may never be exposed to, building their curiosity and confidence along the way.

Smithy Street Primary School in Tower Hamlets were our first visitors as part of the project. We asked the girls to prepare questions about life working for our charity and gave them the chance to quiz us on our jobs. They also got a taste of what it’s like to work for our fundraising team by working together to make posters for our 30th Anniversary celebrations. 

Rhiannon Evans, Learning and Outreach Manager, said: “We were impressed with the questions the girls had about our service and the different jobs in our team and really pleased to see creative, eye-catching and clever designs for our birthday celebrations.  We’re looking forward to hosting our next visit from I Can Be next month.”

learning about rapid response cars