18 Oct 2023

The Big Bus Tours team about to do Tough Mudder for London's Air Ambulance Charity

On 24 September, 10 employees from Big Bus Tours completed 2023’s Tough Mudder challenge; facing mud, obstacles, heights and more to raise vital funds for London’s Air Ambulance Charity.

Initially an idea for a team experience, the Big Bus Tours group decided to also use the challenge to fundraise.

“Raising money for a charity was the only incentive for me,” said Andy Inzani, Digital Product Owner at Big Bus Tours. “I wouldn’t do something like this just for fun!”

As a company serving the citizens and visitors of London, Big Bus Tours saw London’s Air Ambulance Charity as a perfect choice to raise money for.

“You’re also serving the people of the city, but in a much more important way. Your charity felt like a great match for our London-based company to choose,” said Andy.

The team of 10 worked together over each obstacle and completed the challenge in four hours and 45 minutes.

“It was long,” said Paul Muddle, Big Bus Tours’ Group Finance Processes and Systems Manager. “Some bits were truly awful. But the whole experience was fun and we enjoyed ourselves.”

Post event after doing Tough Mudder for London's Air Ambulance CharityAndy agreed: “You get such satisfaction when you’ve achieved one of the obstacles and helped your team move past it.”

Reminiscing over the most challenging sections, Paul warned against the ‘Arctic Enema’ – a tube you slide down to plunge into sub-zero water.

“I really hadn’t prepared myself for how cold that was going to be! I’d choose mud any day!”

Altogether, the team have raised an incredible £2,343 – we’re so grateful. Ninety-six per cent of our funding is reliant on public support; every contribution – however raised! – helps us save more lives in London.

Despite the sore legs and yellow bruises post event, both Andy and Paul quickly confirmed they’d do it again. If you’re interested in doing a challenge event for London’s Air Ambulance Charity, get in touch with the team today at [email protected].

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