20 Mar 2024

Cakes branded with London's Air Ambulance Charity stickers in YouGov boxes

Last year, YouGov’s Finance and Advertising Solutions team decided to raise money for London’s Air Ambulance Charity with a sweet treat fest in the office.

“We’d heard about the charity’s Big City Collection and the department decided to use its yearly day for charity work to take part,” said Tony Hogger, Credit Controller at YouGov. “But we wanted to do more in the lead up too.” 

The team organised a chocolate raffle, a cake sale and a baking competition in their office. Chocolate bouquets – made from chocolate donated by team members – were won, while people who had baked their own cakes entered them into a competition and were judged on look and taste. Once the winner had been chosen and awarded (congratulations Allison Bassett, Head of Global Finance!), people donated to sample a taster of the different creations.

Cakes and chocolate shoes made by a former professional baker were also available to be purchased, packaged in branded London’s Air Ambulance Charity boxes and stickers.

Chocolate bouquets displayed on a table       cakes displayed on kitchen counter       stickers

“I was worried I had made too many,” said Tony. “But just six minutes in they were all gone!”

A charity representative attended the day and gave a talk about our life-saving charity to the employees.

“It was brilliant,” said Tony. “Everyone was super engaged and really enjoyed the day.”

Tony and the team then joined our charity staff and volunteers on the streets of London, fundraising in our Big City Collection, helping raise the vital funds needed to operate our service, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Including their bucket-shaking shift and their phenomenal efforts in the office, the YouGov team raised nearly £3,000. This is more than the average cost of a mission – funding our advanced trauma team to attend a critically injured individual in London.

We are so thankful to the team’s fabulous fundraising.

“People really did enjoy themselves,” said Tony. “We’re all hoping to get involved in Big City Collection again this year. And I’m spreading the word about the helipad abseil too!

“You don’t know if you’ll ever need the air ambulance’s help. Tomorrow it could be you needing them. It’s a great service, we’d love to do more to support them.”

If you’re workplace is interested in fundraising for us or if you fancy doing your own bake sale at home, please do get in touch with our team at [email protected] or visit our website.

The winning cake
Alison’s winning cake


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